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  1. If teams let us sign players which will keep us up it means we will become a threat to them sooner rather than later. For that reason the top six won't be looking to assist us in any way. We already have the referees with a mandate to award us nothing and so it goes on
  2. Loan deals tend to happen towards the end of the transfer window
  3. He has the ability to adjust his game if things aren't working as he did during the first half. A world class defender
  4. jackyboy

    Paul Dummett

    Raphina has turned a lot of defenders inside out
  5. The whole team were immense today. Just need to stop ASM from having petulant strops and sitting on his arse. Wood made some really good flick one today, Someone like Linguard could feed off those
  6. I don't believe his mandate was just to keep us up. After he was appointed Amanda spoke about the possibilities of relegation and that Howe had a lot of experience with getting a side promoted. If he keeps us up it'll be a massive bonus but this team has been on a massive downwards slide for over 2 years. Some of these players should have been replaced years ago and most of them will never get into another PL side.
  7. If we are to have any chance staying up then we need players in now. They may not be our first choice players but they need to improve on what we have. Amanda and co are fully aware of that and they also know how difficult the January window can be. I'm sure they will be working furiously in the background to try and make things happen and it's crazy to criticize them at this point. Wood may not keep us up but he may just keep Burnley down
  8. Loan deals tend to happen towards the end of the transfer window
  9. jackyboy

    Joe Willock

    The better teams are able to keep the ball for 20/30 passes without the opposition getting a touch. If we manage 3 passes before losing it it's a miracle. As said before, Willock doesn't seem to fit In with possession based football.
  10. Maybe Lascelles is pissed because they are looking to bring in 2 CBs
  11. jackyboy

    Joe Willock

    Under Bruce he said that he was told by Bruce to just run around a lot and get into the box. It would seem by this that he was treated a bit like ASM with no actual positional responsibility
  12. Leeds seem to create a load of chances and if they have a day where they are putting them away we could get hammered
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