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  1. I've spent nearly two years honestly believing that the takeover would go through and Rafa would come back to finish the job he started and craved
  2. John Hartson is a really exciting commentator
  3. jackyboy

    Ivan Toney

    Rafa did make some poor signings but I think they were 4th or 5th choice because of the money
  4. Considering they've got the burden of Carver, Sturgeon, Gordon Brown etc,etc Scotland did quite well and may not be a pushover for England
  5. I reckon Southgate is just about on a par with Bruce
  6. Well, I'm 77 and I wonder if they'll give me a 1 year contract. I could probably do as many minutes in a season as Andy does and keep Joelinton company as well
  7. I've still got my Shearer shirt in the wardrobe. One of the original blue star ones from when he signed for us. Keep meaning to stick it on Fleabag before I croak
  8. jackyboy

    Rafa Benítez

    Come home Rafa
  9. The truth is that I don't want Rafa to go anywhere but back here. I just feel that's where he belongs and I can't stop feeling like that
  10. jackyboy

    Graeme Jones

    Bruce will be making a statement to the press..."I'm delighted for Graeme and it's a great honour for the club. I knew when I appointed him that he would develop into a top coach. Obviously working with myself and the other Steve's, with all of our massive experience has been hugely beneficial to him, and we wish him luck
  11. jackyboy

    Graeme Jones

    Pleased for him, he deserves a bit of a reward for saving us from relegation
  12. This season has just been so unusual. You normally get one rank bad team at the bottom of the table but this season there have been three. I don't recall the top teams getting beat so many times as they have this season. Normally if they lose more than a couple then they can't win the league but not this season. With the fans back next season we will hopefully get some normality
  13. What happened to 'Speculate to accumulate'. Maybe Mike hasn't heard of that one
  14. Problem is that if he comes here permanently and still have Bruce, we just need to lose 3 or 4 games on the trot,Bruce will blame him and he'll be sat on the bench
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