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Roeder's comments about the win

The Bonk

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"We have sent our supporters home having seen a good game and hopefully we are on our way up now"


"We have moved up a few places now and have an extremely important game at Blackburn, but the

dressing room is buoyant and they are looking forward."


"We have defended well lately, so it is a bit of a shock to concede those goals in the way we did," he added.

"The first was a bit unlucky as it took a wicked deflection.


"But the second was a poor goal and the annoying thing is the amount of chances we created we should

have been out of sight.


"We paid the price for a couple of sloppy pieces of defending."


Roeder was pleased with the character his side showed.


"Reading don't lose very often when they are in front, so it took a lot of bravery in the second half to go

on and win the game," he stated.


"And we have had to do it the brave way, as we have had a goal chalked off for what I don't know.


"Thankfully for us we have scored a winning goal as to lose a couple of points would have been terrible

when no one can see why the goal was disallowed."


Think Glen is being respectful to Styles for some reason. 


Well, at least he recognized the shoddy defending.  Now

do something about it in January and get us up the table, mate. 



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Guest Ridzuan
"I've seen it on replay and the critical thing is that the referee was stood behind the Newcastle player, so there was no way he could have seen if there was contact on the ball or not.


"He's made a judgement from, not a poor position, just a position he couldn't see from.


"I'm told the linesman didn't give it, so for me he's made a 'guesstimate'.


"That's not what referees are supposed to be about. If there is an element of doubt then the benefit has got to go our way."


Asked outright whether he thought Mr Styles had made a mistake, Coppell simply commented, "I don't talk abut referees like that."


That is what Mr Coppell has to said about the penalty incident.Funnily,he didnt say anything about the disallowed goal.

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