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    That should bring them back down from their “promising start”. Watched the first 20min and both sides were reminiscent of the turgid Football we witnessed under Bruce. They'll end up mid table or slightly lower, there’s 6 better teams than them down there easily.
  2. The Bonk


    Howay Wednesday, knock these knuckledraggers down a peg.
  3. 3-2 over the tie, Rangers looking the part.
  4. Snarky Brighton! Also, was watching the Leeds/Wolves highlights and the Lage - Marsch bust up had me creased. The "Meet me at McDonalds" haircut lad having a good laugh amidst them finger waving being the topper. FOOTBALL IS BACK, BABY!
  5. I quite like Brighton in a similar way to Leicester in that they've grown the clubs over the years to be sustainable and highly competitive. It's no surprise we've poached their (Brighton) catalyst in Ashworth. Really looking forward to this game to see how we match up to a similarly equipped club and probably our main competition for a top 8 league position. Man U were wank yesterday, but Brighton had a go at them and didn't look to have regressed selling two of their better players. Think it'll be a decent match with a draw most likely, but I would love to see an exciting 2-1 or 3-2 win for us. (who wouldn't)
  6. Try posting to https://www.reddit.com/r/NUFC/ , @Euan Stephenson?
  7. Potter is a perfect fit for Brighton. I don’t see him being as successful in an England role as he’s free from scrutiny at the Swans. He doesn’t have the same mettle Howe does in front of media and being able to gel players together. Much like Moyes, needs the right fit to be at his best.
  8. Wild! Thanks for posting this.
  9. Should be 3-0, fucking VAR. Hope Brighton get another.
  10. That would be his current footballing status, yes.
  11. Shadow of the player he used to be. Needs a fresh start elsewhere.
  12. Aye, most likely 6-8, depending how their signings adjust to the league.
  13. Honestly hope the league is more contested this year. Think Spurs can push Liverpool and Man City, maybe West Ham pips Chelsea for top 4.
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