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  1. Curious the logic behind removing Dolberg, he was all over Maguire. Oh well!
  2. The forum equivalent of a dive for a penna. Well done, you.
  3. Seeing you post in here has been my joy, .
  4. Think England are deeper than Italy, could be my confirmation bias showing, though.
  5. Have you hit your head celebrating?
  6. Respect, FAM, man dem.
  7. Noticed him as well, he's got some swagger going on.
  8. Zio Cheillini, the teams crazy uncle.
  9. Mostly for the abuse he was getting, he wasn't the only Spanish player to miss, I suppose. He seems like a decent bloke and the fans can be such cunts.
  10. Yup. He's a big lad, should be smashing in the PK's.
  11. German precision. Dr. Felix Brych! (of Law, so that explains his rule abiding)
  12. That free kick he took early in ET was horrific. The only time Spain have come close to threatening or been in a threatening position.
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