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3 Legends Book


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Just been reading the 3 Legends book and found it to be an alright read and there are some interesting bits from Malcolm. According to him he reckons that fat Fred wanted Woodgate back in the summer but Roeder wanted Huth  so we ended up with no one! He also claims that Robson knew nothing about the signing of Milner!


Bernie also states as fact that Mclaren tried to become the manager of the Toon when he was at Middlesbrough!


There is some rubbish in the book though as Malcolm states that Mclaren had not done enough in management to become the England manager and then says he would have given the job to Alan Ball!!

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Guest nyscooby

Were not going to sign ANYONE !!!!!


Even SAFC have more ambition than us!







Sorry for the post diversion.

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