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  1. WE DID! In February 2002, Rob Lee was sold to Derby County for £250,000
  2. What is a non-standard ticket? Is that like a bar 1892 one? aye. Platinum Club, Black and White Bar, Bar 1892, etc
  3. May i ask , where do you get this information from ? http://www.nufc.talent-sport.co.uk/PagesPublic/ProductBrowse/standAndAreaSelection.aspx?stadium=NS&product=SUH09L&campaign=%20%20&type=H
  4. 292 tickets left now, (0 standard tickets left)
  5. fucking cunts knocked me out of £49 against 10 man Blackpool on Saturday ha a fiver on Hull v Millwall 2-0 Chelsea v Ipswich 3-1 Sheff Utd v Charlton 2-1 Kettering v Fulham 2-4 Man U v Tottenham 2-1 Blackpool v Birmingham 0-2
  6. Nobby

    FIFA 09

    anyone got this on the PS3? usernames anyone?
  7. Nobby

    Robinho Arrested

    so he's going to train and play a game tomorrow?
  8. 380 tickets left in total, 7 standard tickets left ...so about 52,000 sold so far
  9. £20 Double on Villa to finish in top 4 (Evens) Man U to win league (1/2) =2/1 (return £60)
  10. Nobby

    Where do you sit?

    why? I sit SJH Level 2, east side
  11. Nobby

    Robinho Arrested

    anyone know if he'll miss the match?
  12. Fuck me, that's not bad. Not bad at all, either of them. give the one on the right a white collar and i think it would work
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