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Match Day Query


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I can get tickets for the Chelsea game for the 21st April, I need to book accomodation and flights, I have looked on the sky schedule and the game is not down, do you think there is any chance of them changing it late, because I would be stuffed if the game was changed to Sunday.


Any decent hotels to stay in near the ground and not too far from the airport?

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Cheers mate! All I have to worry about is if Sky suddenly decide to televise the match really!


The club box office were crap, I asked is there chance the man city game or the chelsea game maybe moved due to european fixtures and the dumb bint said yeah because we'll probably be home 1st in the UEFA Cup if we go through, I decided to check the fixtures myself and we are not playing the next round til the week before the man city game and if us and Chelsea are in the next round again our European game is the tues/weds/thursday after the clash, so only Sky can stop me now! :uglystupid2:

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