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Ref gives Jewell £25


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PAUL JEWELL has revealed he was sent a £25 donation to help fund his feud with referee Phil Dowd — by another ref.

The Wigan boss, who faces an FA disrepute charge for comments made about Dowd, refused to identify the ref or reveal at which level he officiates.


Jewell said: “The letter was marked private and confidential, so obviously I can’t disclose too much about the guy’s identity.


“But it was quite a surprise to find the cheque for £25 in there, which he said was to help towards my defence over the FA charge.


“It was much appreciated, although I can only assume he hasn’t seen how much solicitors are charging these days!


“I’ve had so much support from within the game, and from outside it, over this because I haven’t said a word that wasn’t true.


“All I said was that Phil Dowd made some bad decisions that cost us dear against Arsenal. I’ve had a message of support from another Premiership manager who said he told the referees’ boss Keith Hackett to keep a certain official away from them, and he hasn’t done any of their games since.


“I don’t know what response we would get as a club if we did that.


“But I’ve only ever complained about a referee three times — and each time it was Phil Dowd, twice against Arsenal and once against Blackburn.


“I’m proud of the way this club and my players conduct themselves. We are never involved in controversies by surrounding referees or stuff like that and we don’t pick up many yellow or red cards.


“We do our best to stick by the rules. That is why I have requested a personal hearing and why I will fight this charge all the way down the line.”


Six Wigan players complained after the club’s 2-1 defeat at Arsenal 10 days ago that Dowd swore at them for questioning his decisions.


Jewell dismissed suggestions Hackett has already cleared Dowd of any wrong-doing — and took another swipe at the official.


He said: “That is certainly not what Keith has told me — and when you see Phil Dowd is down to referee Wrexham this weekend, that maybe says something about how pleased they are with him.


“The swearing issue is all about double standards.


“Personally I’ve no problem with referees swearing, even though my players don’t like it — as long as I don’t get into trouble for swearing back at them.”







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