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  1. I just wish some supporters could stop looking backwards. Keegan and Robson produced the best of our recent era, but we didn't win a major trophy. I look back on their spells with sadness as much as pride. Eddie is doing things his own way with his own energy, and doesn't need advice or inspiration from the past. No-one needs reminding of past disappointments either. That can only build tension.
  2. I really disagree with this. FFP is not a perfect system, because as you say the clubs that naturally generate the most income (eg Man U, Liverpool) have the potential to maintain their position through their success breeding more success. But if FFP is not there, then you get the situation that has been developing for several seasons now, where one club can consistently spend whatever it takes to remain at the top, through effectively operating within no budget at all. The competition doesn't increase without FFP, it shrinks. The gap between Man City and the rest has grown over the last few years. There was concern a few years ago about the power of Man U and Arsenal, but once Fergie was gone and Arsenal were saddled with the cost of their new stadium, things naturally evened out. What's more, now that even smaller Premiership clubs like Brighton can attract top talent from all over the world, it's easier for more clubs to challenge the elite. Clubs like West Ham, Villa and ourselves, can now compete with all but the very biggest of European clubs when it comes to attracting players. We'll have to see how things develop, but I can envisage the Premiership becoming more competitive, not less. Providing that clubs like Man City and Chelsea are made to follow the rules.
  3. I'd agree that, if all this is true, then a punishment that is proportionate to previous decisions would be relegation - perhaps down two or more divisions. When Rangers got done, they had to start from the lowest tier.
  4. If found guilty on all charges, and they've tried to cover it up and obstruct any investigation, then I'd hope the punishment would be more severe than that, given the length of time that this would have been going on. Personally, I'd drop them down a couple of divisions.
  5. I think they'll be found guilty. Their spending looked suspicious from the start, and if evidence from hacked emails is allowed and clearly exposes subterfuge, they'll be bang to rights. The question mark is the nature of the punishment, which is difficult to predict as we're in new territory. But whatever the outcome, the whole episode will be a warning to all clubs that the Premier League will hunt this kind of practice down, no matter how long it takes. A lot of people welcomed the City takeover because they felt it would increase the competition, but City's objective has always seemed to be to kill off the competition, not enhance it. It's not in the League's interest for one club to establish a monopoly as in France or Germany.
  6. So far as I'm aware, the main accusation is that some of their sponsorship money has in fact come from the owners, albeit indirectly. They're also accused of supplementing Mancini's salary through a covert route.
  7. It doesn't look like the Premier League are bottling it. They've shown some determination and persistence in getting things to this point. It's the CAS that bothers me. I've never been able to see what the point of that institution is, particularly on an issue like this, where financial and accounting issues are under examination, rather than sporting. If City feel that they have been hard done by, surely there are other legal routes open to them - ones that can handle those kinds of complications. It has struck me before that the CAS, being a rather pointless institution, tend to try to justify their existence by arbitrarily going against the decisions that have been reached by sporting bodies. PS - I stand corrected by the Prophet. The CAS is not a route of appeal in this case. Good news, I say.
  8. I noticed in Eddie's last pre-match interview that he acknowledged (for the first time that I'm aware) that it was becoming more difficult to sign players from the 'big six'. His wording was that those clubs are 'looking at us differently', but the meaning was clear. We still haven't made any such signing, even on loan.
  9. Some plus points, particularly Gordon. I just don't think ASM suits our side any more. He plays in bursts, which may be something to do with that muscular physique of his, as much as his mindset. Gordon gave us the sustained pace and energy that we needed. I also thought there was just a sign of Anderson fulfilling his obvious potential. He seemed to be imposing himself a bit more, and trying to make things happen with some confidence.
  10. Cronky

    Dan Burn

    I really like Burn and the contribution he makes to the whole spirit of the side, but in the last few games, he's looked a bit vulnerable. Like a centre back looking awkward out wide. I can see Man U targetting him in the final.
  11. Cronky

    Anthony Gordon

    A great debut. He has to start next week.
  12. I think there'll be a real bidding war on Osimhen, and it'll take £150m+ Gary Neville seemed to be talking about these 8 year contracts having a clause in them which states that after 5 years, the contract can be terminated if the player hasn't played a certain number of games. To me that sounds like a 5 year contract with a three year option. Maybe I've misunderstood, but if that's what Chelsea are doing, they shouldn't be allowed to spread the transfer fees over 8 years when it comes to FFP.
  13. He seemed to have a restricted role, anchoring the midfield while Mount and Gallagher charged forward. He didn't create a chance from that position, but I was impressed because everything that was asked of him, he did quickly and well. I can't remember him giving the ball away once.
  14. I thought Fernandez was impressive. Very rarely took more than two touches, and the second touch would usually send the ball forward.
  15. Cronky

    Anthony Gordon

    Ever since Herbert Chapman made centre half a defensive role, the system of numbering has been all at sea. That man has a lot to answer for.
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