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  1. He looks good. Needs to cut down on all this running the ball out of defence though.
  2. Something like that. What else can they do?
  3. My feeling with Alli is that he reached the top and then decided to coast a bit. If a young player loses the motivation to keep improving then they're inclined to go backwards. They don't stay on the same level, like they hope. If he can get his ambition back, he'd be a good buy.
  4. It puzzles me that the pen wasn't given, because the contact is clear and obvious, and although the contact wasn't a strong one, it was enough for ASM to lose his footing when he was trying to change direction and get possession. It wasn't a dive or even an exaggeration. I can only think that it wasn't a conventional situation and VAR wasn't flexible enough to deal with it.
  5. Cronky

    Chris Wood

    It's clear he's not a £25m player. We paid that much because of the situation we are in. If he contributes to the difference between staying up and going down, then it's money well spent.
  6. A promising player that age needs to be playing regular first team football. He needs to bear that in mind if the PSG interest is genuine.
  7. Cronky

    Chris Wood

    We can afford better strikers no doubt, but we can't afford to wait around till the end of the month, hoping that one of those strikers will eventually see us as the best option. We need players in now.
  8. I don't care how skinny he is. He looks well worth a punt.
  9. I've always liked Dubravka, but he seems to have lost his nerve.
  10. I think there are already enough restrictions on signing players, but you've hit the nail on the head with your second point. You can't change the rules of a competition half way through.
  11. Yeah, we need a DM along the lines of Kante. Hayden and Schar look like hybrid CB/DMs, and in certain situations in midfield they struggle.
  12. How is 4-2-2-2 supposed to work? The obvious question is who goes out wide, and if that's the two more advanced midfield players then you've got a 4-2-4 and the midfield gets overrun. If they stay back then you've got an old fashioned 4-4-2. I can only imagine that it's actually a very sophisticated creation where everyone's interchanging positions, but I presume you'd need very versatile players and time to coach them into the right way of thinking. Rangnick doesn't have time, and needs to get the best from the players he's got. He's an interim manager, and normally y
  13. Aren't they all struggling with Ronaldo in the side though? He seems to want to play just as an old fashioned goal-poacher, and everyone has to fit in around that. He doesn't hold the ball up well, create anything for his team mates or close down defenders, which should all be at least part of a modern striker's game.
  14. For me, the correct change was Fernandez on for Ronaldo, push Cavani up front, Greenwood and Sancho around him in a 4-3-3. Ronaldo's main strength was when he had the space to run at defences with the ball, but he doesn't seem to be able or willing to do that any more. In his current position, he's still a good finisher, but he doesn't contribute well enough in other areas. I don't think I've once seen Rangnick shouting any instructions from the sidelines, or even looking particularly animated. A manager doesn't have to be a teacup thrower, but the team looks like its
  15. There's a gruesome fascination in watching such a good bunch of footballers playing so badly as a unit. They lose the ball so often, making so many poor decisions in possession. Greenwood looks a serious talent. He has the lot, but he's being wasted at his current club.
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