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Guest Jangles

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Guest Jangles

Just wondering what people here were thinking about what to do when your season ticket renewal form drops through the door.


This season has been a bit up and down, some nice highs (beating liverpool & tottenham drawing with man u and some bad lows - losing to sheffield utd, fulham (twice), birmingham, etc. On the basis of football alone Im not sure if Id renew but Im particularly fecked off with the fact that Shephard is still treating us like a gang of mugs with the lack of transfer action and the refusal to reduce ticket prices for any of the upteen home cup matches we've had - surely he realises that cheaper admission means more fans, a better image on tv, more money on pies, etc and more motivation for the players.


At the moment you can watch the majority of matches on sky, 5 and dodgy satellite channels without forking out a not-so-small fortune for a ticket and you can pick up tickets relatively easily for any matches you do want to see. Unless theres a drastic turn around in both performances on the pitch and in the attitude of the chairman then I doubt me and quite a few of my mates will be renewing. How about you lot?

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