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Owen on 5 Live's Sportsweek earlier this morning


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Radio 5's Sportsweek had a short interview with Michael Owen this morning, and this time they actually asked him a few Newcastle related questions (of course they went on to ask him about England - now there's a suprise eh).


Anyway, in summary.


His rehabilitation is going well, he's running and jogging, though not at full pace and no twisting and turning yet, though these will be happening shortly. He's enjoying "getting the usual sort of aches and pains from running" and blisters. He said he feels like he's a footballer again. He has been working with a ball with passes and side footers, but not blasting the ball full pelt yet. Playing some games before the end of the season is the plan, and he says he's on course for this. The next stage will be to be training with the team and getting some tackles in for a few weeks before he's match ready though.


He feels that Newcastle are doing as well as they can this season. He's watched most of our games this season and feels we've performed well (sometimes Michael, only sometimes - not yesterday though eh, or last week at Wigan, or...... etc etc etc). We've had 10-15 players out injured at times, so we've done well to be in the top half of the table (Top Half? - only just!) and if we hadn't had the injuries we've had, we'd be up around 4th, 5th or 6th (aye, we'd probably be doing better - but no club goes a season injury free).

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