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Getting tickets to away games?

Guest Mase

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I live in Reading so obviously travelling to Newcastle for every game is out of the question. A couple times a year will be fine, but I want to be able to see more of my club! As I’ve never attempted to get a ticket to an away game, I was wondering can someone explain the procedure? I’ve been to St James’s park 8 times with my mate who does everything through the Online Ticketing… He’s now in Iraq so he won’t be able to do it anymore, so it’ll be up to me to get everything sorted.


So can I get tickets to away games all through the NUFC official website? And also as there’s a limited amount of tickets to away games, do you have to be a member or a season ticket holder? Or is it fine to get them through general sale?





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As far as i'm aware:


Away tickets are available to season ticket holders first, who must make an application. If theres too many applications for tickets its done on a loyalty scheme of some sorts.


If theres still spare tickets in the allocation after the ST deadline, it goes on general sale. Its becoming more of a regular occurence this season for it to go on general sale, but for the big games its bound to be tough.


Keep an eye on www.nufc.com, the official website and the Ticket forum on this site for season ticket deadlines and if/when it'll go on general sale.

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Guest smoggeordie

Presume you want a ticket for the Reading game. You'll have no trouble at all. Ring 01912611571 and they'll sort you out.

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