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  1. Ally

    Rafa Benítez

    Best thing about that blog is Justin, his translator. Copying Rafa’s hand signals and everything...he’ll be the Chelsea manager in a couple of years
  2. Ally

    Transfer rumours

    Unknown 18 year old French youth player
  3. Think it’s really poor they are not offering a flexible subscription, even if it’s a bit more pricey. £30 (£60 next year!) is not bad but they want your money up front rather than a Netflix style £6 a month that you can cancel anytime. They’ve headhunted some of the best in the industry (and Chris Waugh) but will need to sell a LOT of subscriptions to pay all their wages and overheads if they are committed to zero advertising. Interesting concept and no one particularly likes a load of adverts I think we are all too accustomed to getting it for free. I understand the need for a paywall but the online world is too established imo.
  4. Daniel Storey is a Forest fan but with some family connections to NUFC. He gets it
  5. Ally

    Today I learned...

    Been a long time since I logged onto N-O. Last time I did I’m sure Yorkie had a thing for his cousin and now he is talking babies. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that this isn’t connected
  6. Irony being that every club Allardyce has managed he has signed huge amounts of mediocre foreign players.
  7. Given this seems to have happened before he signed (or at least announced) a new contract, I'd say Rafa backs whatever his captain has done
  8. You're being too kind, another bell end who is all about himself. Same league as Wraith. Nah man, Wraith is a whole level to himself
  9. Ally

    Jamaal Lascelles

    Genuinely can't remember the last time we extended someone's contract as a result of good performances. Some shady deals such as Krul going on loan but signing a new 1 year deal. Any one know the last one?
  10. It is so strange. You read a transcript of a speech and it's like a child has said it. I'm sure he employs script writers who are pulling their hair out
  11. Sad news. Like many of said his ambition and desire for NUFC to be at the top was wonderful. The Stadium expansion to 52,000 was a great legacy and his plans to expand the ground further showed a side that Mike Ashley would never, ever done His way of "we're Newcastle United" is the complete opposite to Ashley's recent utterings. That said, not a perfect Chairman and his decision to replace Robson with Souness is one of the worst decisions in the last 30 years of our football club. RIP
  12. The media want you to. I read a couple of times today "the less said about his time at Liverpool the better". Actually it should be the opposite
  13. Until now, in 25 years of supporting football I've never heard of anyone saying shootouts are unfair because they have gone 1st or 2nd. Where has this come from?!
  14. It might have been rushed to get out to compete with Martin Hardy's 'Rafa's way' which I'm currently reading and it's quality! His first two NUFC books are well worth a read too! Heard good reviews but I'm too tight to spend £20 on a book. I'll wait for the paperback!
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