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Pards rejects Bent suggestion


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Just a good headline from sky sports really


Pardew, though, is refusing to be drawn into any such debate.


"I do not really care if it looks suspicious, really, because it is just not true," said the Charlton boss.


"You need to be 100 per cent right."


"There was nothing going on that was irregular in any shape or form.


"Steve McClaren and I had a long discussion about it on the phone, and he had a chat with Darren. I left it up to them and they came to their own conclusion."




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Before the Andorra game, there was a journo suggesting that if Bent had returned to Charlton injured, Charlton's claim for compensation would include loss of income due to loss of PL status.  Debateable whether any such claim would have held up in court but maybe the FA didn't want to risk the situation where they may have needed to persuade a judge to share their opinion.


TBH, England shouldn't have needed Bent to beat Andorra................ and so it proved.

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