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  1. Slim

    What You Drinking?

    Love how there is now a 5 star rating system. Before it was just ok or good👍
  2. Slim

    Takeover Thread

    Thought as it was quoted it would be pointless. Sorry don't really know how forums work. EDIT. Ah see I did delete it and its still there.
  3. Slim

    Takeover Thread

    Didn't know he was Jewish. Was just trying to imply he's a scab. Sorry for any offence caused. If it helps I also hate Hitler and genocide so least got that in common.
  4. Slim

    Takeover Thread

    Aye but if you get a free ticket then you can't not go can you.
  5. Slim

    Takeover Thread

    They stormed the pitch, got the game called off and then got Sancho, Varane and Ronaldo. West Ham did the same and look at them.
  6. Slim

    Takeover Thread

    Trying to give you a break. I know its hard to admit when you are in the wrong. You can't be that stupid can you?
  7. Mags against masters flag. Cut instantly.
  8. No seen it yet but sounds very mild for flair.
  9. Just used 3.5k of my lifetime ISA on ASOS shares
  10. Slim

    Steve Bruce

    Did Bruce ever find the mole.
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