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Players currently with contracts next year

Guest jackmisfit

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Guest jackmisfit

Going by NUFC.com, Newcastle currently have 24 players under contract next year.


GK - Given, Harper, Krul, Forster

DF - Huntington, Carr, Ramage, Taylor, Babayaro

LW - Duff, N'Zogbia

MF - Emre, Parker, Butt, Pattison, LuaLua, Troisi

RW - Milner, Dyer

ST - Owen, Martins, Ameobi, Luque, Carroll


Out of contract players would be:


GK - Srnicek

DF - Moore, Bernard, Onyewu, Edgar, Gate, Bramble

MF - Solano, O'Brien, Sibierski


My opinion:


GK - looks ok, Krul could be the future #1

DF - needs some serious help, Taylor is the only one that I'd keep, should Edgar and Gate be resigned?

LW - if Duff is the automatic starter, can he make it for a whole season? will N'Zogbia hand in a transfer request?

MF - probably needs at least 2 signings, barring anyone leaving

RW - Milner is young, he will continue to get better. Is Dyer worth paying to be a backup?

ST - While Owen and Ameobi are injury prone, Martins doesn't appear to be. If Luque isn't going to play, get rid of him. If Luque goes, then another experienced forward would have to be signed to help out if Owen/Ameobi goes down.


My big questions would be:

1. Can the team sell Carr, Babayaro and Luque? Should they be released if not?

2. Duff is under contract for another 4 seasons, will he last?

3. Do you keep Dyer? if not, can you sell him?

4. Does Newcastle have enough money to bring in enough good talent?

5. If Taylor is the only decent defender under contract, can at least 4 more good/great defenders be found?


And lastly....

If there is this much potential for a change in the squad, is Roeder the right manager to bring in the best talent and get the best bang for the buck? I think right now there is tremendous potential to turn this club in the right direction, if the cards are played right.

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Guest jackmisfit

I'd keep:



O'brien and loan him out. Did well that one game he started for us a few months ago. Wicked pace too

Gooch: IF he improves



I agree, but I think I'd only resign Solano and Onyewu if I couldn't find anyone else. Onyewu would be a good reserve/bench player.

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