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  1. Iraq i think, im sure it was Saddams son who ordered the flogging. Think it was when they were kicked out of the WC
  2. Not sure how relevant but in the South Wales argus this week Shepherd has teamed up with Calzaghe to promote boxing. http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/search/4505846.I_ll_be_best_of_British_____Joe/ As i said im not sure if it has n e effect on Shepherd bid for us but its a bit wierd he has turned to boxing promoting.
  3. Yes i will definately give him another chance. He has made some very poor decisions in the past but imo if this club is gonna survive and have a serious push to get back into the Premiership then we need to be united. I cant see the positives of the board and fans being enemies from day 1. What we need atm is a chairman who will back the manager. For the faults FS may of had, nobody can argue that he didnt back the manager.
  4. I still think Manu will play the likes on Nani, Fletcher etc etc. If Hull lose against Bolton ill be very confident we will stay up. However, 3 points on Saturday will be enough for us to stay up.
  5. Shearers tune has changed about being manager next season. When he 1st came in he would always state "8 games only, then its back to BBC". Now he wont even answer the question. He'll be here next season. Just cant be announced because JK would probably sue, so they will let JK contract run out and then appoint Shearer.
  6. Pretty low the paper added his father was a crack addict. What difference does that make?.
  7. Merson again said its all Chelsea and Newcastle are struggling.
  8. 2-1 Owen brace and the media will be asking why he aint in the England team. We'll go 2-0 but concede a sloppy goal and have to defend for our lives for the best part of the last 15 mins
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