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Owen and Martins

Martin Lol

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I know it's very early days but last night Martins played the worst I've seen him in a Newcastle shirt and didn't look in sync with Owen at all.  When Ameobi came on, Martins for the rest of the game was largely anonymous but Owen and Ameobi did link up better, although by that time Owen was more or less knackered.


It could be argued that Owen and Ameobi know each other better, but not for that long tbh, and not played together for over a year.


I just got the impression that it had the makings of a Defoe and Keane partnership, not on the same wavelength, no reason why it shouldn't work well bu for whatever reason, it doesn't.


Be interesting to see how they play together for the rest of the season.  First impressions can be misleading as I say, but I didn't really see much link up play between them.

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I didn't see much of Defoe and Keane, but I imagine it didn't work for the same reason that Owen and Martins won't work. Two finishers, rather than a creator and a finisher.

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