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Italy's scandel back

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De Santis: Moggi Never Called Me, Facchetti Yes



New revelations by Massimo De Sanctis risk to create a new storm in Italian football, as the former referee accused of manipulating matches in favour of Juventus declared that Luciano Moggi never called him, but on the other hand Inter’s Giacinto Facchetti was obsessive with his phone calls.


The former referee involved in the Calciopoli scandal appeared on an Italian television program of ‘Antenna 3’, where he gave his point of view and his 'truths' about the scandal which rocked Italian football in the past summer.



"I declare that I never, and I say never, spoke on the phone with Luciano Moggi and that I never took a foreign SIM card from him. Actually I will say more, I usually spoke on a regular basis with other football directors.


"I used to talk often with Facchetti and Meani. With Giacinto Facchetti I had a very good rapport and I must say that in various circumstances he was very obsessive.


"His requests at times went further than the law could permit. But I never took them into consideration, because when I went on the pitch I only thought about directing matches fairly.


"Even Moratti knows about these things. I hate talking about a person who unfortunately is not here anymore, but I'm very available to make public my telephone printouts, so that everyone can know that these rapports were real."


These revelations will probably not tarnish Inter's Scudetto celebrations, but will surely make Juve and their fans ask for more clarity in the investigations and a fairer, more balanced, judgement towards everyone.






I swear to god i feel AC Milan are behind all of this, every time i watch the italian league before and after what happend its clear that all the decsions go their way,and they have the "former" vice president behind them as the owner, the head of FA as their chairman.


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