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  1. Well, we've already beaten one of those home nations in this tournament so can't be doing all that badly 😉
  2. Played Italy at exactly the right time - already qualified, felt they were invincible and thought they could sleep walk their way to another win. Stupid wiggy manager. 🤔 Not sure if natural hair or polyester?
  3. Fuck me, a goal in this group! Edit - Fuck me, two goals in this group.
  4. Hope they get fucking hammered in the next match. Fucking cowardly bastards
  5. Been home for 10 minutes and seen three goals. 😀 Don't think it's done with either.
  6. Her minge has it's own sunglasses. Fucking huge as well.
  7. Spain's strip looks like someone has vomited pizza on the shirt. Not just the main splat at the shoulder but the 'dribbles' all the way down the front.
  8. The blacksmith pays a decent amount, the armourer is tight as hell. The ingrate!🤑
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