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  1. Deuce

    NFL 2022

  2. Deuce

    What are you eating?

    Have to say I didn’t have a bad meal in Ireland. We were being very intentional about where we ate, mind. Had some of the best meals of my life in Kinsale and Dingle.
  3. Looking forward to quoting this when he signs for City (I want to agree with you, mind)
  4. Deuce

    What are you eating?

    I mean we can’t look past NYC but that felt like too obvious an answer.
  5. Deuce

    Ice Cream

    Gelato in Italy was as perfect as one would expect, but I also had some cracking G in Portugal.
  6. Deuce

    U.S. Politics

    iirc the Black Panthers started exercising their 2A rights by open-carrying rifles and the GOP got real horny for gun restrictions all of a sudden. edit: what leffe said ^
  7. Deuce

    U.S. Politics

    Feel sick after reading this.
  8. Deuce

    Daft questions

    missed this guy
  9. Absolute scenes in Israel
  10. Deuce

    Star Wars

    I keep coming back to this scene.
  11. Dunno if it was a waste of talent…just doesn’t always click for some players.
  12. Deuce

    Star Wars

    If Andor S2 is crap it’ll break me.
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