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  1. I tweeted the video for this this morning after getting a strange urge to watch it when I woke up before the milkman today. Assuming that's where you decided to watch it from, or are you also a weirdo who had a strange urge to watch it randomly Pav was fucking terrible, and Wright wasn't exactly great either. Some of the defending as well
  2. Wonder if they're made with the same material, that clicked as soon as you looked at it! EDIT: Just having a look around and found these too... Nice 80's away shirts there. Strangely, these appeared in results from shearching 'Shearer Retro'. Aye I was wondering the same 🤣 I've got the 1984 away shirt in my basket along with the 94 away, 95 home and 98 home. Just building up the courage to buy. Surely its only a matter of time before the 95 away one appears. Would love a long sleeve of that beauty.
  3. Noticed these tops starting to appear on dhgate. Hadn't noticed them before tonight. Very tempted with Cole on the back.
  4. Think I will buy a few of the old tops. Anyone recommend a seller they have bought from? There are quite a few on there, obviously want to buy ones that look close to the real deal.
  5. I'm looking at the shirts on dhgate, but they don't seen to have the clubs badge on them? Are they just removed from the listing on the page for copyright reasons?
  6. What happened to Hei Hei? Walked past it yesterday, and it's been replaced by something else.
  7. Not sure about that yet. Sky haven't announced the matches they have picked, have they? Is it not just a case of the clubs not wanting to wait any longer to put the tickets on sale
  8. Michael Martin has been constantly tweeting Lee Marshall saying that there is a recording of the meeting. https://twitter.com/tfMichael1892/status/1047162992620687361
  9. Maybe not the thread for it but New Order night on Sky Arts tonight. New documentary based around their MIF gigs they done, followed by Glasgow 2006 gig.
  10. Where have you read this? 1st 2 chapters are available as a free sample on iTunes Cheers. £12 on Amazon btw
  11. Where have you read this?
  12. I'm going to that as well. Slightly annoying now that I've paid £50 for a standard ticket, when I could have got VIP at the Sage including his new book for £40, but never mind. Guessing the Sage will be more focused on his book, so maybe not the same type of thing.
  13. Something to do with shirt sizes? When I was a kid my small man's one had a different layout to my dad's large. Mine are that size, that would explain
  14. My old ones the same. Are they wearing fakes?
  15. Just bought this on Ebay for £30. Was just wondering, is there any reason why there are slightly different versions of the top? There's one where the badge and Adidas sponsor, are both only on the white stripes, then there's the version like this one, where half are on the black stripe, and the other half on the white stripe.
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