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  1. Currently no queue for period 3 people, I logged in and got straight in. Availability seems to be mostly in the upper tiers now but, some availability around the lower bowl areas.
  2. Holy shit that was stressful. I had 3 devices logged in and got space 2550, 3300 and 10100. I logged out of the 10k queue and kept the other two open. The queue went down really fast but, when I was being redirected on my laptop the bloody work VPN kept blocking the URL and I couldnt get on.... Luckily for me around then my tablet made a connection and I have 3 seats on Block 133. So bloody happy! Good luck to everyone still queuing and everyone in the next periods.....
  3. Is the Leicester ticket included in your purchase history on the nufc.co.uk website?
  4. Thanks, I read it like that but, then thought - what stops me logging in today if it is the standard booking site. So I did and it directs me to a ticket sale that was open on 2nd Feb. I guess they have something that will open the access to the booking page on Wednesday when it is my turn.
  5. Probably been asked before but, help me out. I got an email on Friday explaining that the allocation was based on some set criteria, it then went on to say my time was Wednesday 8th from 10am (i.e. Period 3). There is no specific link or any clue of which site I need to be in to join the queue on Wednesday. For those that got tickets today, did you get a second email with the link or what did you do to get into the queue today? Thanks.
  6. By the way it is all worded it seems they expect everyone qualifying from period 1 to period 3 would get a ticket if they want one. From period 4 onwards it mentions ballot..
  7. If we get a rumoured 32k allocation I would feel pretty confident to get tickets as I have 3 season tickets and bought home tickets to all but, one of the round matches. Only missed Leicester home because I forgot to order tickets during Xmas/ new year holidays. Fingers crossed.... Looks like I am tier 3.... hmm... hoping!
  8. Quote NE27 "Worst of all, I bet he never sang all game." Haha, to be honest I didnt notice him before he threw up, I spent the whole game tutting at people for standing up while singing "Stand up if you love ....." to notice...... You know, like a proper East Stand Dweller!!
  9. I hope it was no-one on here but, about 3 or 4 rows in front of me in the East Stand a lad, looked around late 20's early 30's, projectile vomited the most disgusting gooey, cider stinking vomit with bits of food all over the poor old fella in front of him. The poor old bloke was drenched all down the back of his head and back of his coat, he went fuckin crazy.... as anyone would.... It even got onto the people either side and the woman sitting on the row in front of the old fella.... If it was someone on here you should be massively ashamed of yourself. Absolutely vile and rotten!!
  10. One thing is certain.... today is dragging and tomorrow is going to be agony!! Cannot wait for the match, I think with the kid DJ on before kick off and then the general excitement around the possibility of reaching a final that the atmosphere is going to be electric. Genuinely excited and scared at the same time!
  11. pinkeye


    Exactly this. No-one denies that Sunderland carry a very strong support, always have.
  12. pinkeye


    Your crowds are great mate, the only issue anyone has with them is the clear and obvious lie about the number of people inside.
  13. pinkeye

    Anthony Gordon

    They are not the mackems of Merseyside for nottun'
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