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    Lee Johnson 05 Dec, 2020Present Andrew Taylor29 Nov, 202005 Dec, 2020 Phil Parkinson17 Oct, 201929 Nov, 2020 James Fowler08 Oct, 201917 Oct, 2019 Jack Ross25 May, 201808 Oct, 2019 Robbie Stockdale30 Apr, 201825 May, 2018 Chris Coleman19 Nov, 201730 Apr, 2018 Robbie Stockdale03 Nov, 201719 Nov, 2017 Simon Grayson29 Jun, 201703 Nov, 2017 A couple were very short term when I look at it properly, caretaker style but, hey.... they all count and would have definitely been hounded out in time! haha.
  2. pinkeye


    I think 8 different managers since November 2017 (16 since Steve Bruce was there) tells a different story!
  3. Is it not tomorrow yet? I cannot wait for this one, feels like it did before the Spurs game but, with a hope that we might win!
  4. I 100% don't doubt you but, isn't grass already green? Surely having loads of that on a football pitch would have some effect on superimposed graphics?
  5. Cover up the Sport Direct advertising.... now that would be something!!
  6. Haha, you're right! I meant his contribution seems to have little impact in the game, he does not seem to make anything better but, also makes nothing worse... Is fair enough, he was decent at Bournemouth, decent enough to attract the attention of Man City... I just personally don't rate him but, I am not an expert! (just a regular punter). I just don't see it in him, apart from the wonderful hair. I do concede to all the comments above that he is probably an upgrade on what we currently have.
  7. Do you rate Ake? I think he is average at best and would be disappointed to see him play for us, under any circumstances and not just now that we can seemingly afford players who command high fees and salaries. Whenever I watch him he seems to be at half pace and never actually does anything positive, >90% of passes are sideways or backwards, he doesn't put in a hard tackle and rarely seems to have any impact (positive or negative) in a game. He - to me - is just a player making up a number on the field, does nothing wrong but, equally does nothing right. I wou
  8. pinkeye

    Ryan Fraser

    He clearly has some bridges to rebuild with Howe and wanted to be here when he took the first training session to start that process... And yes - I agree - there is a world of difference between training and playing a competitive match..... why would they even feel the need to ask?
  9. Not being weird here but, Amanda is ripped!!
  10. pinkeye


    Apparently Howe is not even an upgrade on Bruce.... Apart from when he is......
  11. So just to be 100% clear the "shoes off if you love the Toon" - that's a no, right?
  12. pinkeye

    Graeme Jones

    It must also be noted that some of our players natural positions are no where near a football field!
  13. pinkeye


    Yeah, I have family in Essex and it is similar there. Get on a train to London on a Saturday morning and you have West Ham, Millwall, Spurs, Arsenal, fans (depending on who is playing) all sitting pretty happily together on their trip. Pretty good banter quite honestly on the very occasional time I have done the trip up to London for a match when visiting....
  14. pinkeye


    I wonder if the good people of Reading have any border conflicts with the people of Basingstoke??? In a similar way to the mackems claiming bits of our geography into their red and white domain......
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