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  1. Mehrdad has been working on it since day 1 essentially.
  2. What a deal for whoever the hell acquired it. Walking away from what would have been a tough, unpopular and expensive development.
  3. Can’t believe they just became aware of it and acquired it after 12 months of negotiations!
  4. I am sure they club has always been aware of the land at Strawberry Place.
  5. he also scored a howitzer with his right away at Wolves
  6. Some good points, the unpredictability seems to be completely reworked where he’s either passing too much instead of doing what he was good at.
  7. I find Rice to be nearly the ideal 6 you can get. Wins the ball, can carry the ball, good recovery pace, can move the ball quite quickly, chips in with goals.
  8. Kanji


    Internet tough guys say that to his face.
  9. Kanji

    Anthony Gordon

    Get him on pitch with Bruno and they’ll be purring. He’s bloody quick and he’s very confident and decisive in his movements.
  10. Rice, world class wide forward and it’s game ova.
  11. Kanji

    Sven Botman

    Not many defenders can go toe to toe with Mitro and Antonio in terms of strength for both and pace and strength for Antonio. Sven is an elite talent. Only will get better.
  12. Again we created 2 chances Wilson should have buried and he didn’t. That’s our main #9 not scoring the winner. Boil it all down to that.
  13. Missed opportunity for him. But also wondering if you replace miggy with Gordon does that allow for more balance with maxi as miggy is in a bit of a funk too
  14. I don’t see us faltering away completely because we drew at home to West Ham the top 4 race is up in the air for a handful of teams. Hopefully we figure our attack out sooner than later as I think we’ve got the tactics and defense spot on.
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