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  1. Majed has been to a few matches of ours, has been right next to Yasir each time. Wonder if this also means Golf Saudi will be a sponsor too
  2. I really like and admire him and I want him to do so well here. He’s a guy you can get behind and he totally gets us fans. There are a massive amount of pfm losers who’ve had longer careers in football in the top flight who aren’t half as likable.
  3. The minute Yasir has had enough of Howe he will be gone. And it could literally happen after any match now at this point I imagine.
  4. At this point it's probably best we go - if the PIF are going to engage with the players or anything, even better - if were spiralling down into the championship you want the 80% ownership to actually feel some connection and stay interested.
  5. Zapata could actually be a reason we’d stay up. He’d bang in some of these half chances and bully defenders. He’s an upgrade on Wilson tbh
  6. You don’t need a DOF to Do a deal in football. What you need are willing parties or contractual reasons a deal can be done without much resistance. We’ve successfully signed 2 players as such through this. The deals not done are a result of unwilling sellers tbh.
  7. would help if it was some massive fuck off luxury box club seats have been no joke - my old man has shelved a fortune on those tickets!
  8. Time to send an email to my Bucs season ticket account rep and tell him they need to help NUFC out or I'll walk. @ManDoon think that'll work? Season ticket holders since 1995
  9. if that’s the case and they don’t move the goal posts this thing is getting done soon imo
  10. Where would we play him, you think? For me, he’s basically a free role second striker behind the main man, right? Or is he a wide forward where Fraser is? Surely he’s not playing in place of Longstaff in the midfield 3? Would waste his goal scoring abilities no?
  11. Think people just want to see some movement for sanity purposes. I think deep down everyone knows this was a difficult window but probably all underestimated how difficult it would be and our inability to get 2-3 more wins hasn’t helped anything at all
  12. Seems like they are going to loan their way through the midfield in the final week? Idk. Or we’ve just not heard anything as it works around in the background. Clearly it isn’t this obvious - but I’d have sorted a deal for Ramsey on loan with option to buy. I’d have paid Gladbach to buy Zakaria now. I’d have done similar for Ginter too. I’d test Valencia on Soler given their well documented financial issues.
  13. Lingard could very well be the key to staying up.
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