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  1. Kanji

    Takeover Thread

    He’s singularly focused on selling us to the consortium* is what I was trying to say.
  2. Kanji

    Takeover Thread

    I’m of the opinion that going to match or not isn’t impacting MA anymore. It did before, we’ve seen evidence of that. But I think he’s beyond giving a fuck about the crowd going or not. He’s so singularly focused on this damn takeover. It’s the only thing he’s working on re: us.
  3. Kanji

    Takeover Thread

    Ok I got you. So those who go but still want change etc.
  4. Kanji

    Takeover Thread

    Ashley will only react to what happens on the pitch when PL status is on the brink. He decided against it last year and that “gamble” worked for him. If he gets rid of Bruce, it’s because Bruce pissed him off and he’ll make it personal. He’s only leaving when he finds his unicorn buyer, which he did. And the league stopped it. The shaming of match going fans who want to a day out, take their kids, take their old dad or a mate in town to the match needs to stop. It’s such a poor way of attacking people. There’s no need for it.
  5. I've said a million times, if MA gave Rafa the same amount of investment over the same period we'd be looking at a team pushing for Europe.
  6. imagine SJP with our team properly run by Rafa level on points with top of the league, roof would be caving in*. (*because the roof is likely going to cave in with how little fat cunt has spent on the place)
  7. Champagne stuff right now Mighty Rafa plays bad football though?
  8. Masterclass and Rafa, synonymous.
  9. Kanji

    Demba Ba

    ^simpler, more fun times. Hope we get to enjoy football and our players like the above again sometime soon
  10. Pep, Sir Alex, Mourinho etc. have coached the living daylight out of their top players. So, I don't agree with that Dropout.
  11. Nah, the difference this time is Bruce was happy not saying a word to his bosses until this past transfer window, and he probably said something he's never said to them before. SO they said fuck off, released a statement, and now it's all very very different. He's got the NUFC bosses telling him to pipe down and get on with it, he's got no skin at all and he's getting rattled by Lee Ryder and the local press, and further, he knows the crowd hates him.
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