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  1. I'll post a more detailed response later - busy at work. Alex is highly effective and having him back involved will make the Trust stronger and more effective. He's only rejoined until the next election which was his original term from when he was elected in 2019 - if he wants to carry on beyond that he will have to stand for election.
  2. Most likely - which is why the pledge was always win win.
  3. Pretty good endorsement that they're happy with the Trust tbh. In reality a 25% turnout for something like this is actually pretty good - and remains one of the biggest democratic exercises in English football. It's bollocks to say the Trust is only interested in fan ownership and the pledge - pledge is a long term thing - could tick away building up over 10 years or more - but could be there to save us if the worst happens or once we have a good fund behind us we start having serious conversations with prospective buyers. Or the takeover could go through - it not be needed and we wr
  4. I've spoken to almost all of them, bar a few there is very little interest in this.
  5. I hope so. We're close to 40k - less than 48 hours in. Majority being monthly pledges. A great start, but we've hit a very small percentage of the fan base and need to spread the word. Big challenge is spreading the word outside social media and the online world.
  6. 2000 people who say they would be willing to give you £25,000 each is very different to actually having the money in the bank.
  7. Launch event tonight for those that want to know more. Link for YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTk3m75mqr0 Link for Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chroniclenufc
  8. I'm not expecting anything at this stage - I don't have a crystal ball. But none of us are naïve enough to believe it lets you run a football club, but neither would be want that. Fan influence through fan ownership does not mean a fan run football club. Newcastle United should have the best in the business appointed to run it at the highest management levels. We've said 1% is a target. We hope any new owners of the club would want to engage with the Trust. Buying a small part of the club just makes it more likely – but we are up front that it is outside of our control. We feel it’s bet
  9. It doesn't really - all the governance and structural arrangements of a formally constituted organisation that reports to the Financial Conduct Authority protect you in this area in so far as possible. It's about as safe as it can get in this regard. No individual has any real degree of control.
  10. The Board has no say - no more than any single member - one member one vote. This is why we appointed the four Guardians' in Warren Barton, Ian Mearns, Lee Humble and George Caulkin.
  11. Yep. Working on it - for some reason some non UK bank accounts don't seem to work with the GoCardless platform but we're fixing it.
  12. All this shows is that you haven't even arsed yourself to take a look at the website and what the 1892 Pledge actually is and how it works.
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