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  1. Paully

    Isaac Hayden

    Absolutely spot on!
  2. Paully

    Steve Bruce

    That interview with his mate - dear me - horrific
  3. SJP and the boozers in Newcastle were absolutely bouncing! Magnificent atmosphere and it’ll be the same all weekend!
  4. This wonderful woman deserves her own thread! For over four years, she’s fought for this takeover! it takes some guts when it’s all been played out in the public eye with constant negative press from the media bellends and pundits! Thank you!
  5. He was brilliant as always - loves the club and city! Love hearing him talk about NUFC! Lovely dig at Man City fans too ha ha!
  6. Paully


    Just looked at the NUFC thread - Jesus - anyone know what page it starts at when the news broke?! Going to need a lot of popcorn here!
  7. Two superb tweets here like! https://twitter.com/msidouglas/status/1445979255549083649?s=21
  8. Ronny SOT evens tomorrow Skybet! Rafa will stop it mind!
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