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  1. Just had a look on GOT - there’s a 40 page thread on top of the normal one for him about who they to replace him with! I think it might be his last game tonight - if Liverpool go a few in front and the away end start singing his name then the fury levels of those lot in the home end who already hate him will reach nes levels! We all said he was nuts to go there and he must be gutted that the takeover went through just a few months later!
  2. I didn’t realise how good Dubs’ save was at the end until I’ve just watched it!
  3. Examples of when we played a back 7?! Clueless if you’re being serious!
  4. Paully


    Absolutely amazing weekend so far! Brilliant here!
  5. It’ll be the most NUFC thing ever to go down during the same season when we became the wealthiest club in the world! The whole country will laugh their balls off especially those lot down the road!
  6. There has to be something going on in the background for him to not even be on the bench for ages! He’s our best defender!
  7. I can’t believe he asked that
  8. Paully


    Ha ha class! Cheers pal! I looked into getting to the Emirates and missing the Saturday afternoon but it was a nightmare and cost a fortune so sold my ticket"
  9. Paully


    I'm off to Minehead for all three days of the Player's Championship - really looking forward to it!
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