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  1. Paully

    Alan Shearer

    The days when we smashed the world transfer record and showed ambition! https://twitter.com/ak90s/status/1420640232890716162?s=21
  2. Every goal in the game was a Worldie! https://youtu.be/oJAduOkltVw
  3. Hebburn vs Sunlund under 23's tonight!
  4. Paully

    Steve Bruce

    Beautifully put! I literally change channel if his big cabbage bonce ever appear and go out of my way to not his utterly pathetic quotes! Hes an absolute fraud and a bellend!
  5. Same although I know Dan Neil as he’s a mate’s son! Smashing lad!
  6. Paully

    Steve Bruce

    Ha ha ha ha ha - tears!
  7. Paully

    Steve Bruce

  8. “You’re just a shit Steve McClaren”
  9. Me and the seven I’m going with 100% will be just like the Sheff Utd match! It’ll be a very drunk away end and he and the PL will get hammered tonight and rightfully so!
  10. Paully

    The Darts

    There’s been some cracking matches so far at the Matchplay this week! DVDB beat Price 16-9! I love the Winter Gardens!
  11. Harold to Man City - £160m - 400K a week wages apparently! May as well give them the title now!
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