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  1. Ha ha I can see Wednesday off as well if we win mate ha ha
  2. 9.30am train down on the Saturday Two nights at the Royal National near Kings X 2pm back Monday Hopefully celebrating in town from 5pm when back - Tuesday off!
  3. Apparently 8500 yesterday - can’t see many today as most in period one would be in period two! Good luck to everyone!
  4. Paully


    Howay Dobey lad - final vs MVG on his PL debut
  5. https://theathletic.com/4138378/2023/01/31/bruno-guimaraes-brazil-newcastle/
  6. Paully


    They’re absolutely insane - I wouldn’t swap them as neighbours for anyone else!
  7. Paully

    Anthony Gordon

    If anyone is worried about this signing, then have a look at what this lot think of him and relax! https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/anthony-gordon.1599015/
  8. Paully

    Anthony Gordon

    I have complete faith in him turning out to be a superb signing under Eddie's guidance and tuition! We'll look back in a few years time and this fee will be a bargain! Up Eddie's Shithouse Mags!
  9. Paully

    Anthony Gordon

    He's going to be a great signing under Eddie - another lovely shithouse to our already well-stacked brigade! Welcome, Anthony!
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