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  1. Me and the seven I’m going with 100% will be just like the Sheff Utd match! It’ll be a very drunk away end and he and the PL will get hammered tonight and rightfully so!
  2. Paully

    The Darts

    There’s been some cracking matches so far at the Matchplay this week! DVDB beat Price 16-9! I love the Winter Gardens!
  3. Harold to Man City - £160m - 400K a week wages apparently! May as well give them the title now!
  4. This 100%! The CAT case will destroy those corrupt wankers! Staveley wouldn’t have said those quotes at the weekend without huge confidence - I.e - evidence! The Saudis will want to smash the big six wankers all over too when it goes through so perfect for us!
  5. Edwards and Douglas having a right Twitter ding-dong!
  6. We have a winner for one of the end of year awards!
  7. Corrupt PL tossers! Roll on the day very soon when they’re exposed along with those ‘big six’ bellends!
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