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  1. Through all the emotion yesterday, from seeing the new owners, the opening atmosphere and the early goal. Bruce soured the occasion, the last visible blockade of an era were eager to forget, an onfield performance to rival the tepid, turgid football of the past 14 years. However there was still a feeling of hope, clouded by anger, but there bubbling under the surface, this was the beginning of something new. The sooner he is gone, the better, but I'd them get it right than make mistakes with haste. They've seen it first hand and I'm sure the management structure is an immediate concern for the
  2. Anyone hear that supporter at 1000 volume
  3. Joelinton is just a Brazilian Shola but without the odd spawny goal isn't he?
  4. The commentators have blamed everything but Bruce for this and spent the entire match blowing smoke up his arse. How can you eulogise him under such antithical visual evidence??
  5. Mattoon

    Steve Bruce

    Waste of a week, waste of a match, something has to be done with this fat mess masquerading as a football manager, tomorrow! What an horrific end to an almost perfect week.
  6. Mattoon

    Steve Bruce

    Can't wait to hear about the positives of this match
  7. Mattoon

    Steve Bruce

    Absolutely horrific this, what a shocking way to celebrate a new takeover. Bruce continues to sour the atmosphere.
  8. This, this is exactly why Bruce should have been launched from a cannon a week ago. Letting the players manage themselves would have been better ffs
  9. Wanted us to win after that first one went in but if it does continue to get worse at least it shows how desperately we need to get rid of Bruce
  10. Yet again standing off in the penalty area and allowing the player to pick their spot. Can't wait for Bruce's stench to be fumigated from this team.
  11. We might still be pants just yet but it feels like we're back man
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