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  1. Fleetwood is my home town, so I'm happy with this score
  2. Alex Turk? More like Alex Turd, am I right boys?
  3. This one will be different, I hope, the Arsenal final and the Man u final in the late 90s we didn't even show up, we were poor both games and Shearer was really quiet. This time they won't find us a walk over, they'll struggle to score against us, like any side does these days, the big question is whether we can score against them. I have a feeling this one might be won on penalties, as if it won't be agonising enough
  4. Definitely feels like this one has fizzled out, if they're digging in, hope we move on quickly.
  5. Couldn't bear to lose to Manure in a final again, I know too many Man u supporters to keep a cool head in the aftermath of another loss.
  6. It was said that the new rule will take effect from the summer transfer window 2023 so they'll get away with it this month.
  7. Mattoon


    I bet you have pineapple on pizza though don't you, you dirty bassad?
  8. Mattoon


    Step 3. Pour hot gravy over them to melt the cheese Step 4. Garnish to taste
  9. Mattoon


    An early night and a couple of marracetamol and they'll be good as new in the morning, they can go back to their fewmin rights and forget about tonight. On a serious note, someone better shut all the bridges down if we actually win this cup.
  10. I think they'll start the game that way but as time goes on and they can't find a way through or if we get an early goal it'll open up.
  11. Southampton won't be able to play the low block at SJP needing to get something from this game, they'll be all out to score early and leave the space in behind we thrive on. Going to be a much more open game than tonight.
  12. Mattoon

    Alexander Isak

    Looks the real deal and is still gaining sharpness after a lengthy spell away, he's going to be immense in the 2nd half of the season.
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