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  1. Solid 9 for me, doubt I'll watch many if any games but -1 from a full 10 for ASM and Wilson.
  2. Honestly who cares? We're watching the fat conductor rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic hoping it'll somehow prevent it from sinking. We're just getting rid of one mangled old hole ridden gaffer taped deck chair for another one.
  3. Whether it has an effect on the bottom as much as the top is irrelevant as that horse has bolted. To shut the stable door on the other 14 horses is not an acceptable answer unless you rein in the other 6 to make a level playing field. This is the definition of anti-competition if its proven the main or only stumbling block is the prevention of another club competing with greater finances. Fwiw I concur that money and greed has already damaged the league irreparably and in an ideal world it should be stopped. However you can't use that as a yard stick to the clubs that h
  4. I think we're stuck in purgatory for the foreseeable, Ashley doesn't back down, he known for "parking the tanks" until he gets his way. It either plays out or it'll take something like the CAT judge refusing to throw the case out for the PL to fold. Like a staring contest between two snakes, no one wins here, least of all us.
  5. I would imagine we would start blaming KSA when we found out for sure that they're withholding evidence probably.
  6. Pair of self serving attention whores, 10% valid arguments, 90% measuring phalluses, if only they'd measure the ones on their head they'd be unbeatable. Both deserve neither time, worry nor effort.
  7. Edwards/Jacobs are about as trustworthy as Keith, Wraith and that dentist bloke. In the cold light of day, after being livid last night, it's probably time to step back away. Whether there is legs in this takeover yet or another one on the horizon the fact is we've got at least another season of the Steve's and Charnley. I won't be hanging around to witness that and I'm not holding my breath for a takeover, there's been enough waiting around now. Don't believe a word anyone says unless it comes from 1 of 3 parties, even then take it with a pinch of salt.
  8. One is hoping for the best and seeking out positivity wherever they can find it, which hurts no one. The other is putting laughing faces at the end of every post and revelling in the misery of supporters "gullible" or otherwise. Just seems like odd and vindictive behaviour
  9. So the takeover gets screwed with time wasting tactics once again and your first response is to want to wind someone up and get some "I told you so"'s laid out in black and white. Any normal supporter would be raging with the PL right about now and probably quite distraught at the thought of at least another full season of the 4 Steve's of the apocalypse and no owner.
  10. For everyone drawing parallels with this oaf in the Rafa thread, this right here is a prime example of mentality differences. Doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath.
  11. That was as slow, laborious and toothless display as I've witnessed. Even forgiving the fact it was our first preseason game, I'd fancy a pub team to hold them to a 0-0
  12. I can't.... I mean I don't even.... what in the.... there's just no...
  13. This is it for me, I thought he started off well and I think he has good intentions and only wants what's best for the club. BUUUT he's let his own hype go to his head. He has an army of followers hanging off every word and its over-inflated his ego, he would have been best taking a back seat once the club took on the CAT case, accepting the praise he was due for taking it that far and letting it run its course. There are a lot of idiots on Twitter, contrary antagonists, they are best left shouting into the void, when you take them on you're just stooping to their level and showing
  14. I think I'm over Rafa now, what he did for us, not just with the team but I'm sure he had a hand in the takeover and he woke up a sleepwalking supporter base stuck in a perpetual nightmare. I do believe he would have been perfect to rebuild NUFC from the ashes, however I also believe the consortium have their own ideas in mind and I trust them to make the right appointment to take us forward. Rafa is with Everton now, for all the rights and wrongs of that, he's made his decision and we know he doesn't break contracts. If this takeover goes through we need to move forward ASAP.
  15. Owen, no contest, Joelinton just isn't as good as hit protracted price tag, at least he's committed and trying to play. Owen came to fill his pockets while tugging off his horses.
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