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Miggys First Goal

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  1. You lot are optimistic if you think we’re bringing in 4 players this week.
  2. So another flight from Medina to Jeddah? Not exactly relaxing this trip is it?
  3. Reckon we’ve been kidnapped like.
  4. Oscar Isaac to play the role of Merhdad in the movie version of our takeover.
  5. Miggys First Goal


    Is NZ really going to force household contacts to isolate for 24 days?
  6. Howay, Masters. Take Levy’s dick out of your mouth and get this game started.
  7. Should just automatically relegate Watford for not having a fit and proper stadium.
  8. I’ve never heard AS criticise Ashley once. In fact she’s always been fair towards him when talking to the media. Ah well, we’re all behind you, Amanda! As for the fat cunt. Just die. Nobody would miss you. Modern day Scrooge.
  9. I want to see J Lingz dance in front of the Gallowgate. Come on, get it done.
  10. Cunt can't even keep his story straight for 30 minutes!
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