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Miggys First Goal

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  1. I have a friend in Memphis who says the tension in the city it palpable and thinks this is going to be worse than the King riots.
  2. Like when Eddie got his contract extension. They didn’t have a clue. Heck, he did his pre-match press conference in the morning before it was announced that afternoon. They know nowt. All of them.
  3. Wouldn’t mind being in the middle of this British sandwich.
  4. Truth. It was like the Southampton game. They had a proper light show going on pre-match. Everybody seemed to hate it. I loved it. Something different.
  5. Went to a Maple Leafs game when I was in Toronto last year. Honestly, the build up before the game started got me pumped. We could take a few lessons from North American sports pre-game routines.
  6. Hope he continues diving for fun, bringing in free kicks, allowing Tripps and the matinee idol to put them away.
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