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Miggys First Goal

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  1. Over 3 cards in the match combined Hayden booked Phillips booked Bamford 1.5+ SOT 25/1
  2. Miggys First Goal


    So, about the scrapping of PCR tests for fully vaccinated people on day 2 of returning and instead using LFT. I see everywhere saying that you'll still need to pay for the LFT. I assume these are different to the free ones that you can pick up from your local pharmacy?
  3. Dreamer, at the end, when he was saying if it was such a heinous act then why didn't she go all the way with the case. This guy had one too many chair shots to the head or something? FUCK YOU!
  4. Fuck Flair. Fuck Dreamer. Fuck Lesnar. Fuck Hall.
  5. Raab appointed Justice Sec, Lord Chancellor and Deputy PM.
  6. Yes! Thanks for the tip fellas!
  7. On the ref's radar now. DO IT AGAIN!
  8. Every one of these Burnley players has a punchable face.
  9. Miggys First Goal


    One thing the GNR did show was the dire need for the Tyne Bridge to get a fucking paint job.
  10. Miggys First Goal


    Are they bringing back masks in the autumn? Seen that mentioned in a few places. Also, when was the last time they had a government coronavirus news conference? They’ve definitely washed their hands of it now.
  11. This is up there with Leicester winning the PL for greatest sporting moments ever. From qualifying to champion and not dropping a set. Absolutely incredible.
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