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  1. Seems like the Cowboys should be practising somewhere nicer
  2. Shak

    Tokyo 2020

    Gonna have to take me through this from the start... What are we talking about?
  3. Aaron Rodgers gonna report to camp with a new deal. Apparently his contract will be shortened to a 2 year deal, with a clause that prevents them from franchise tagging him after 2022. So he'll play this year and then they'll have to decide whether trade him next off-season or lose him for nothing a year after. In unrelated news, Broncos training camp starts Wednesday. The much anticipated Lock v Bridgewater camp battle can begin in earnest.
  4. I don't get your response at all but I've given it a like, that should even things out
  5. Shak

    The 'GOLF' thread

    Got my second vaccine today so just been arsing watching the golf all day. Cracker of a day for it. Women's major was brilliant at the end and went to a playoff, senior Open was brilliantly won with a birdie at the last and the Euro event went to a playoff too. High point was Dodd lining up his putt to win the open, if he missed it was a playoff with Miguel Jimenez. Dodd was just addressing the ball and it cuts to Jimenez and he's smoking a massive cigar looking out the clubhouse window at him
  6. Just that you've a proven history of believing ridiculous nonsense, I guess? Dennison was a good line coach in Denver tbf but fuck me he was so bad as an OC. Always seemed a dickhead, too Few locker rooms that sound like vaccine disputes could be an issue, Cole Beasley really has excelled in his role as chief NFL dipshit recently though, gotta say I never saw him getting over as a heel to this extent.
  7. Shak

    The 'GOLF' thread

    Thought Louis did really well today, lost his swing a bit but managed to grind out a decent score. On 15 he had a long par putt after dropping two shots in the last four holes and making a mess of the par five... had dropped into a three way tie for the lead and was going the wrong way but made the long par putt, birdied the next and got back in front. Made me think that maybe this week he might do it, depends on if he gets his swing back where it was yesterday and Thursday. Spieth was a big surprise at the end. Got A LOT of good bounces today and took advantage. Walkin
  8. Shak

    The 'GOLF' thread

    It's probably one of the weaker courses on the open rota. It's still a very good course, though. Issue is that the links courses just don't play the way they're supposed to for pros anymore. They just get so much spin on the ball that unless the course is rock hard they don't have to play the holes like they were designed. Unfortunately, British summers don't often provide the long dry spells you need to dry the course out enough for the pros. It's gonna be hot and sunny the next few days so we'll see it play firmer and faster over the weekend but not hugely I don't think.
  9. Shak

    The 'GOLF' thread

    Surely the final two rounds are ideal? Leaders out at 9am Denver time tomorrow, great Saturday morning viewing?
  10. Shak

    The 'GOLF' thread

    I'd guess they're pretty even with Callaway in terms of top players using them. Titleist probably not far behind actually, especially with their wedges. Quite a few players that play a mix of different manufacturers. I don't have a brand that I go for really, my bag is a real mix. Taylor Made driver. Callaway 3-wood. Ping 5-wood. Mizuno irons. Cobra gap wedge. Titleist sand wedge. Zevo lob wedge. Odyssey putter. Bit all over the place. My gap wedge is 53 degrees, last time I was at my father's house he had a 52
  11. Shak

    The 'GOLF' thread

    Dechambeau said after his round that his driver sucks. Not that he's hitting it badly, no. The club isn't a good club. The club that he's paid millions to use and has become the face of as Cobra attempts to convince people to spend half a grand on... he said it sucks Cobra actually came out and responded. What a massive wanker
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