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  1. Be great if we can get this guy on loan, stay up and then sign someone better than him in the summer in an effort to push on.
  2. Watched it again this morning. Like, they couldn't have made it easier. Mahomes didn't have to do anything even vaguely impressive to move the ball over 40 yards in 10 seconds on two plays. Absolutely horrendous.
  3. Anyone have anything come to mind as a better game than that that they've seen btw? Like ever? Obviously every fanbase has its own great games but can you think of a better game for the neutral? Was absolutely gripping from start to finish, such high quality play and then that final couple of minutes. Mental.
  4. I mean, there's absolutely no argument against him IMO other than he hasn't done it for long enough yet... and does anyone really think he's not going to be incredible for the next 15 years? I think he's the best QB I've ever seen, personally.
  5. Genuinely gutted for you, man Really felt like your year. I just can't get over those 13 seconds. I sense there may be rockier times for is ahead if we pull off this Rodgers trade. Let's enjoy the leave while we can.
  6. Maybe, it's hard though. Marino never won it, Rodgers only got to one, Elway was basically his generation's version of Allen and didn't get it done until the absolute end. There's also the very strong possibility that he'll start to get banged up with the way he plays. No guarantees, which is why this has to sting so much. They were huge favourites had they held on... they'll get more chances but this year was as good an opening as you could hope for.
  7. It's not but people have been complaining about OT rules since I started following the sport. Think everyone would agree the change ten years ago made it better, doesn't mean they made it good.
  8. Problem is that most of the time when OT hits everyone is fucking gassed and that just favours the offense too much.
  9. I'd go penalty shootout style. Each team gets 5 2pt conversions, then sudden death if needed.
  10. Ben absolutely would have made those passes. There wasn't a defender anywhere near either of them by design, everyone was way too far back. I know that they'd be less respectful of most QBs chances to make a big throw there, but you have to force them to do something more difficult and not just give them the FG.
  11. Yeah but the point is that the team that wins the toss has a much better chance to win the game. Feels mental that after 3 hours of a hard fought game you say "alright lads, let's flip a coin here and tilt the odds in one team's favour before we find a winner in this thus far dead even contest".
  12. That last series in regulation will probably get lost in the deserved QB hype but fuck me, I've never seen two plays given up so easily. Literally any QB in the league could have led that drive, what in the absolute fuck sort of defense was that they were running?
  13. That was terrible on defense, that was so easy to get in FG range. Just gave it to them.
  14. Feels like 13 seconds is more time than it usually feels like.
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