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    The 'GOLF' thread

    Yeah, he had a triple bogey in his first round too so pretty impressive. Anver fairly had his way with the par 5 14th hole, two eagles and an albatross over the last three rounds
  2. I don't really know enough about any of the candidates but Fonseca sounds like he could be fun with his attacking style. Get him in, buy a few promising young players and just go all out attack, fuck it
  3. Shak

    The 'GOLF' thread

    McIlroy winning his first start after the Ryder Cup is pretty cool. Sounds like it did trigger some pretty significant reflection in him, apparently he's gone back to working exclusively with his childhood coach.
  4. OP says it's just @Troll. Think @midds is one too, though.
  5. Had completely forgotten I was on the front page of that Pardew out newspaper thing Some amount of shite the last 14 years, fuck.
  6. Shak

    Steve Bruce

    It won't, but he should just be gone. It's like we've just got out of a long term abusive relationship and are throwing a party to celebrate. It's great, wonderful. Yet for some reason our ex's stupid fucking sister who was living there for some reason and always treated you like shit too is still living in the house so she'll be there too, pissing and moaning about how she has to find a new place now and how it's all been so hard on her. Fuck off, Sharon. And stop eating so many macaroons you know full well there are only a couple per person and you've had at least 5 now you cunt.
  7. Shak

    Steve Bruce

    Really shit decision not to get rid before Sunday. There's absolutely no way the guy adds anything positive to the team's preparation and now it's an unnecessary cloud of negativity hanging over what should be a completely joyous day. Shouldn't matter long term, all this season is about is making sure we stay up and find the right DOF and manager to lead us into next summer. Should be easily done so no panic but not great to see the new owners make such a shit decision almost immediately
  8. Disappointing. I choose you as my heir and you drop your arse under the first bit of caterwauling from Flip and his fellow hystericals? Keep your head down, say nothing and get the trade through. They’ll spend a month sifting through rubble and by the time they figure out what went wrong you’ll be sitting on a beach, earning twenty per game.”
  9. Anyway, I hear you're a (failed trade) rapist now, @Froggy ?
  10. I legitimately like this Bills team and would be happy for you and a number of other Bills fans I know. I understand football has been cruel to you and such an outlook towards another team is hard to really get your head around
  11. I think you'd win. I'd legit be nervous before that game.
  12. God it would be the best Superbowl.
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