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  1. STM

    Formula 1

    Think Red Bull should have just shut up and got on with it. These mind games are going to work against them.
  2. STM

    Steve Bruce

    Good enough for a 3 year deal, not good enough to be given adequate resources. OK Mike.
  3. Bruce getting a new deal is a clear sign that the takeover is happening. #positiveoptimism
  4. Ironic that the lead singer of the joy division topped himself too.
  5. See the away kit is black and gold. Black+Gold, Black Gold I.e Oil. If that isn't a sign that the takeover is happening I don't know what is. #positiveoptimism
  6. I can understand journalists making stuff up to whip the fans in to a frenzy, it's some of the posters in here doing it which I question?
  7. STM

    Steve Bruce

    Reckon HTT has gone fishing there.
  8. Again signing a Barkley on loan would be fine, if it wasn't your only punt. My issue has never been with the club looking to be cute in the transfer market, its with the club ONLY looking to be cute in the transfer market. I can imagine Ashley justifying his strategy, "well spent money in 2015 and got relegated!" Leaving out the bit about having McClaren running the side. He just never gets it right does he. Its either shit manager + shit funds, shit manager + decent funds or good manager + shit funds. Never does the dice roll on good manager + decent funds,
  9. It's not binary though is it? I want a takeover to happen. + I don't believe from anything I have seen that a takeover will happen. Does not = I don't want takeover to happen.
  10. If history is anything to go by, we will probably sign 3 players in the next week, which will be just enough to see us competing above relegation. Willock and 2 other half decent PL players but absolutely nothing exciting.
  11. I've always thought Lemina looked like had something about him but perhaps wasn't applied correctly. Which is unfortunate because Brucey will make him fetch the babs after the match. Greame Jones might get something out of him but it's another NUFC throw of the dice. The fact that Shelvey is first name on the teamsheet basically makes out midfield selection null and void anyway.
  12. If Lemina comes in, you can bet your arse that Hayden will leave.
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