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  1. Club is dead as long as Ashley is here, there is literally no point to us whatsoever.
  2. I don’t believe any of that tbh, if it was true we literally would just say pass the takeover or we release it all.
  3. We literally would be better for them to pull out fully than have this ongoing for another few years.
  4. It’s basically and out of court settlement or nothing and let’s be honest after this long an out of court settlement is less likely than ever before.
  5. They have bought out one of those threads every time bad news is released and they haven’t been correct once.
  6. I think people keep forgetting Stavely’s husbands tweet, no way this was what the club wanted IMO.
  7. The bottom 6 shaping up nicely already any 3 from us, Norwich, Watford, Brentford, Burnley and palace for the drop.
  8. Something still doesn’t quite add up imo with the amount of interviews Stavely gave last week and then for it all to just end with that statement yesterday.
  9. Exactly so compare that with previous statements with us blaming the league.
  10. The Newcastle statement suggests it was to be fair.
  11. The best thing for everyone now is for Ashley to make a statement confirming the takeover is over and let everyone get on with their lives. If things are going on in the background let them go on without anyone knowing. I just don’t see a way back from here personally, particularly after the tweet last night from Amanda’s husband.
  12. History tells us that won’t happen unfortunately, or certainly won’t last long enough.
  13. Got to wonder where De Marco got his title of the messi of sports lawyers from as well if the reports on not having evidence ready are true.
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