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  1. Spurs fans think they could be waiting for Southgate after the euros.
  2. I have not been keeping up with this for last month or so but what does disclosure from the arbitration case mean ?
  3. I still don’t see how a group of Newcastle fans managed to get this supposed proof of corruption that is going to swing the takeover in our favour, whilst the worlds best sports lawyer didn’t get it ? It’s not a criticism of the fans just I doubt the legitimacy.
  4. If that’s true then we may as well just cancel the whole thing now, it’s already damaging how long it’s gone on.
  5. So is the above tweet saying they will be thrown out of the league ?
  6. It’s just another step in becoming more and more detached from football tbh.
  7. It’s confirmed they are still in for us when all that stuff came out about the arbitration the other week, basically it all rides on that and any story coming out until then is not worth reading imo.
  8. 10 next season if no takeover and Bruce is still in charge.
  9. Norwich promotion confirmed.
  10. Not when you consider how bad we are at keeping the ball.
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