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  1. Being strongly linked to West Ham
  2. Also more of a risk as well I would say.
  3. Lingard by far for me, the exact type of attacking mid we need imo.
  4. Didn’t know that, doesn’t hide the fact he talks shit mind
  5. Nah and for some reason he puts a chicken emoji at the end of all his tweets
  6. I’m here for that type of rumour though 😂
  7. That’s what most journalists are reporting
  8. Can’t pretend to be disappointed about Bakker, never heard of him till the other day and was unsure as to why Leverkusen where willing to let him go relatively cheaply after only signing him in the summer.
  9. Those 3 you mention there keep us up comfortably imo.
  10. Good job we have a silly amount of money then
  11. I think we where linked with him under Rafa, no chance Southampton sell to us now mind.
  12. I’ve no idea how good he is tbh, I kind of switched off from football the last couple of Bruce years so what kind of defender is he ?
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