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  1. I think it is really that 7 players in the matchday squad played in our side vs Villa in the Championship.
  2. I feel like we're trying to sign one top end centre back (Botman/Carlos) and one cheaper option (Diop/Phillips) with the players we're linked to. Would be sensible move. Too many of our centre backs aren't Prem quality but we're not likely to be able to afford two top end centre halves.
  3. Man City can prove the deal represents a fair market value because they have a history of expensive sponsorships. The fact that that history is based on inflated deals from related companies though is why this system is completely broken.
  4. Some random bloke on a Twitter thread earlier today reported pretty mcuh dead on this (the free + longstaff). Could there actually be a real ITK on Twitter?
  5. I think Craig Hope mentioned an interest.
  6. Not sure we have to win half our games. We're 3 points from safety.
  7. Yeah, it depends on the quality but three players could transform the side still. If Trippier is the full-back and the other two are of a similar quality then it'd improve us massively.
  8. So a centre-back, full-back and centre-mid minimum, but ideally also an attacking-mid and striker according to that article. Sounds about right probably.
  9. healthyaddiction


    What I posted is from the Office of National Statistics and the official death registration figures. I'm not really sure there is a more reliable source.
  10. healthyaddiction


    That's not true though. The data you're pointing to is based on people dieing after having the vaccine, not BECAUSE of the vaccine. There are only 9 deaths attributed to the vaccine in total. https://blog.ons.gov.uk/2021/10/04/how-many-people-have-died-as-a-result-of-a-covid-19-vaccine/
  11. The follow up tweet says the previous deals is across the PL, not based on NUFCs previous deals alone.
  12. That also ignores amortisation, where the cost of the player is actually spread over the length of the players contract. So if we spent £50m on a player with a 5 year contract, that would only count as £10m for this year (but would obviously affect each subsequent year by £10m.
  13. Might be wrong but I though it was confirmed. Edit: definitely confirmed him and lascelles were off for a long time due to long covid and both had severe symptoms. Can't find confirmation of them in hospital though.
  14. Didn't Saint Maximin end up in hospital and was out for a long time due to it?
  15. healthyaddiction


    Do we know there a lot of side effects? Of the things you mentioned a know at least a couple have been established as being within the realms of what would happen with no vaccine and therefore extremely unlikely to be caused by the vaccine. Or do you mean people feeling a bit unwell for a few days?
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