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  1. Well I guess he must have had a role in safety.
  2. I read its because of his role as a producer. The set had really poor safety standards and as the producer the buck stops with him.
  3. £20k a term. So £60k a year.
  4. The coventry fans seemed so sure that Mike Ashley was hard done by with our fans. Turns out a c**t can't change it's spots.
  5. Yeah, he told his mates he was going to Atletico and they bet it so he was banned for 10 weeks.
  6. Kane has scored 12 goals in 15 games. I think it's kind of funny how the best form Kane's entire career is being largely missed because of Haaland.
  7. You can replace a player all the way up to the first game I believe.
  8. healthyaddiction


    I'm quite like the first type. I think it's ingrained in me. I feel practically like a criminal if I go out while off ill.
  9. If it was a slide tackle that genuinely attempted to play the ball, yes. If he just went to kick his legs out then no.
  10. Makes perfect sense to me. Cancelo doesn't try to play the ball, he just tries to take the player out to stop him scoring, so he gets the red card. Seems a really straightforward call for me, though I admit I've only seen it once.
  11. Only one of those hattricks actually happened in October though.
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