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  1. If its true about Shearer would it be the case that he has to give up his BBC stuff to do it and the "work" would have to pay according to what he was losing from that? I am not sure its a priority still about ambassadors feel like there is still so much yet to do.
  2. If this wasn't the Newcastle board and we were looking at the current bottom 3 it speaks for itself most would say its dead someone put it out of its misery , appears to me we will need a few things to go our way such as other teams doing us favors be it their own poor runs or beating teams around us to drag more people in the scrap, our players managing to get a few unexpected positive results and us having an impactful immediate transfer window. The fact we need all of these things to happen makes it that much more likely not to. I voted a 8 as there is alot of the season still t
  3. Not sure if its been mentioned but if I had to chose getting covid when he signed missing vital face to face training or the 90 minutes on the day I know which I would chose. Gutted from a clean slate prospective but Howe's team should have this as they have been with him every step of the way here.
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    I dont believe any player "deserves" anything it is up to them to prove it was the system/ man management/ the other players around them etc that was at fault for their own poor form. We should if we can allow them time to "hang themselves" but I hope its a more ruthless Newcastle we see going forward. Gone are the days I hope that because they cost us money and are on decent wage we need to keep on persisting with someone who isnt up to task. If your not good enough your not good enough and see them gone or playing in the reserves until they can get gone.
  5. You could quite easily say bin the lot if you wanted to be ruthless. We have no style of play or anyone integral to the functioning of said none existent style. I wouldn't miss any of them albeit a couple of players have enough about them to stick around more medium term and I hope the dead wood start disappearing regularly in transfer windows. Like others have said who has been managed/ trained or demotivated by the past setup? Who has really settled into this complacent level where they feel what they are doing is enough? Weeding out the difference between those two types of play
  6. no disagreeing having an "eye" for a player isnt a good quality but when you start shopping in a different bracket relatively speaking i.e. not the 3-12m player but the 30-40m player+ bracket the failures are harder to take and takes a different sort of approach as a cheaper diamond in the rough sort of player (assuming that at 25/35m they already have some very apparent qualities to make them in that price bracket). All a moot point anyway if they go for a DOF the question will then not be can he identify a quality player in the higher price bracket but more can he work with more
  7. not sure if picking up cheap players is supposed to impress me as it means he has an eye for a player worth more than their asking price or that he shops in the bargain bin which in theory isnt us any more.... guess it depends if your positive or negative on the whole thing.
  8. Not really disagreeing with 1. slow build 2 doing things right and not rushing 3. limiting mistakes as much as possible to impede growth and cause setbacks. We are playing "what if" here is all as we dont know what has gone on behind the scenes in terms of talks, plans, strategy, what is real that has gone out in the public space etc and, I am not part of the "bed wetting brigade" but can certainly appreciate the frustration. Going back to the "what if" game IF we had of had a manager within the first 3-5 days of a certain quality we could quite clear
  9. Could have such a gap to bridge by the time someone comes in and works with a poor squad to work out what works for us to grind results it won't matter how good the manager is right for the club. If we were midtable we all know very few would be replacing the underwear just yet as plenty of time but our situation darkens by the day and the coaches tasked with steadying the ship have failed. Has to be the balance but they have had weeks not days.
  10. While they are not at fault for the predicament we are in due to what has gone on before the new owners arrived they are now the only ones that could do anything about it. While I don't blame them I can understand why you may be annoyed as give us time and follow the process to get it right could lead us being adrift by double figures.
  11. Spending so many weeks "wasting" time on a candidate which appears at best was on the fence about the whole thing isn't great and shows the lack of how football works knowledge the team are still waiting to build in.
  12. If he does I imagine we won't be scared to let go. While some may argue we could start shipping Managers out for nothing in particular which isn't great either the fact is under Ashley we had no choice but to hope they did good or quit as Mike wasn't going to be shelling out to let go of a team and hire a new one.
  13. The 1 signing in the summer with the "that will do it worked last year approach" while the side got older and poorer and all teams looked to improve was and is such a larger factor to our what looks like impending doom.
  14. 7 at the minute for me based on how poor we are more than 7 points adrift by Jan window is my guess then it's a case of do we push to stay up and spend or not. If we don't spend we go down 4 players minimum needed to get the spine replaced which won't be cheap in an ideal world only 3 of those players today should ever be on the team sheet ever again but won't happen as its too much. Mountain to climb but still doable and still very much in our own hands.
  15. I believe signings will be made dependant on who is available and who will want to come along with where we are in the league, if by some miracle we start doing well I think Jan investment will be minimal if we are bottom 3 I can see us spending more than the 50/60m mentioned in the press.
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