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  1. pay if you play, rarely used so costs next to nowt and takes up a squad place so they aren't "forced" to look for an alternative what's not to like........
  2. seen as we have ventured off topic (a main stay of the place these days) I will try and not take this down a debate path but in my mind the posters here for years and contributing regularly and often is the biggest strength and weakness of the place. Without people contributing the forum would die and sometimes the same people can turn into a one voice sort of thing drowning out other opinion (you usually gravitate to people in life who challenge you or have a like minded point of view). It is bound to happen when we have been "together" for so long. Differences do oc
  3. I have no idea who you all are or why I am still coming here daily but that's the way I like it
  4. Probably reading WAY too much into this but links so far are for relatively cheaper options with potential for their value to rise which is definitely an old club favourite strategy. Still knowing us more likely to go for frees again since it worked our so well last season.........
  5. Sorry my rather in jest mentioning 2 years in relation to rafa has started a mini debate. I personally take the view it takes as long as it takes I have no legal background and can't pretend to know the exact due process in terms of what is time sensitive and what is not. I do know it's been going on a very long time and the prem appear to want to kick this into the long grass at every turn to frustrate and pull apart the consortium. For that reason alone nothing is certain but definitely agree with the notion these cases are not about the man child that is Ashley kicking up a stin
  6. At the rate we are going Rafa could take a 2 year short deal elsewhere and we still may just about be ready for him.
  7. we would never spend the money required to build back all we have lost in infrastructure, academy etc etc all in one go it would not be a blank cheque in that sense and I don't think anyone would expect even the richest of owners to sell everyone and start from scratch all in one close season. The noises from the press at the time this all seemed a formality was consistent spending over multiple windows and seasons. This for me would be more than enough and I am sure for others would seem light years ahead of what we are now as a club.
  8. So arbitration to start in July wonder how long that takes from start to finish
  9. It's so close to being sold he only feels like a custodian waiting to hand over the keys or the sale is off and with eyes elsewhere in his business he simply is at an all time low of giving a shit. One of these choices will depend on what meds your taking
  10. Some of it in my skim reading sounds like we have heard this rumour and that being said. Does that sound like non evidence based hear say? Obviously they aren't going to reveal all their cards publicly but hopefully they can back up the claims made if it comes to it.
  11. Am confused how its such ground breaking news in terms of it being cans worthy. More pressure is great especially if it means it can't just be ignored.
  12. You could quite easily spin that around and say the need to televise 100% of the games due to non attendance would bring more people into the game. As match going public revenue wise for top leagues is chicken feed and "attending" games is impossible for some due to costs, travel, illness, disability etc etc. The game doesn't appear to be as special with no one there but that's because until very recently its not been the norm. Obviously that concept is only possible if they are willing to televise all games. It kills games and sports that need the crowd to fund the sport and where the
  13. If you can stomach clicking the link the chron did an article which lists those not given a number "yet" https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-squad-numbers-revealed-18907018.amp
  14. We don't need any fucking centrebacks it's by far our strongest area and we don't really need another striker either unless we are playing four, four fucking two. We do need a new striker, but we need rid of Carroll, Gayle and Muto first. Probably Joelinton too. In fact we need 2 new strikers. If the Douglas thing is true in my head it would be replace if you get rid so if no one is sold or loaned out no more come in. Then when gayle limps back after Xmas its like a new signing......
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