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  1. To be fair, the last two years, our academy have been hoovering up good prospects from other academies so we can't moan. Chuckwuemeka is a very promising player, but he's miles off being PL starter material, miles. The problem isn't his skill or not, it is that there have been rumours about him being a bad influence in the academy for a while, and his agent has been hawking him around most of Europe this last year. The stories of wanting over 100k a week, which would totally fuck our pay structure, his agent demanding guaranteed starts (which he's going to get at FC Waffle or wherever they send him in Belgium tbf) Compare him to, say, Jacob Ramsey (and his brother Aaron for that matter) who are incredibly promising players, same sort of age, great attitude and in the case of Jacob have absolutely produced the goods at the highest level (check out his goals from last season on youtube, for example, he only scores belters). Good riddance and, really, £20m for a youth team player they could have a free-of-charge contract agreed with from Jan 1st?
  2. Chuckwuemeka to Chelsea. weird. Agent been demanding over 100k a week for us for a player who has only ever looked out of place in his few PL appearances. He was also apparently demanding guaranteed starting time. totally against the ethos of our academy which seems to be doing very well (Ramsey brothers , Archer, Iroegbunam, various other very decent players) so we refused to budge. not sure where - except Vitesse Arnhem on loan - he’s getting playing time at Chelsea but hey ho, just glad he’s gone. 20m for an unproven kid they could have had signed on a pre contract in January. Nuts. Looked at another way, £120m in income generated by selling two academy products in a year.
  3. We went to Liverpool for a weekend five years ago. I was disappointed. It just felt monocultural and flat. I think the problem it has is that it has the same ambitions of Birmingham and Manchester but is too small. Brum and Manc have the size to have places like the jewellery quarter, the northern quarter, digbeth etc etc, but Liverpool to me just felt like a museum about the Beatles and slavery. I haven't been to Leeds for about 35 years but would be interested to see what it is like. One city i went to recently for the first time in decades and was really, really impressed was Bristol. I think Bristol has a lot of what I like in Newcastle - they don't have pretensions, they're just nice places to be. And before anyone lays into me for that being a playing down of Newcastle - I've spent the 32 years since I ended 4 years there as a student bigging it up to anyone who will listen to me.
  4. Mr Egg was a Brummie institution. It is right in the gay quarter, and the slogan on the window was "EAT LIKE A QUEEN FOR £2"
  5. City centre grim? When did you last go there? And Blues' ground is in a shit area, but that's what happens in really big cities, you get shit areas, ok ones, and really nice ones.
  6. Honestly, I fucking hated having him as our manager, and I can remember the likes of Graham Turner, Billy McNeill (got us and Man City relegated in the same season) and McLeish (who produced awful football but was at least not a cunt of a person), The football was absolute fucking vomit, week after week, and having his cast of loyal ringpiece lickers in the press - as well as that cretin of a son of his - just made it worse. As if not only should we appreciate watching truly awful football, we should consider ourselves lucky. Fuck that.
  7. It sounds suspect, indeed. However, this bit made me laugh: There's no way we'd ever have sold Grealish for that, ffs. That's typical fucking Bruce, bigging himself up and rewriting history. When he talks about his time with us he should maybe talk about the squad he had in the Championship and that he failed to get us promoted with it. That also masks the fact that in his entire time with us, we played football devoid of any shape or tactics, a team just sent out there with a 'do your best, lads' and fingers crossed it works out. I knew what would happen as soon as he rocked up at your place. He's so fucking predictable.
  8. Castore off to a lamentable start with us.
  9. Just been reading NSNO. In full meltdown mode already.
  10. We are with Castore this season, too. I can't be arsed to look, but is your gear - not just the shirts but the training stuff too - monumentally expensive? Ours is way more than last season. The stuff looks decent quality, but eye watering prices.
  11. Yep, that will definitely be an interesting factor.
  12. Yeah but I'm not really sure what comparing two different scenarios proves. I wasn't a fan of the appointment, but he's come in after we sold our best player days before the start of the season (the player the whole team was built around), inherited someone else's squad, and done an OK job. Whether Howe did better or worse doesn't really come into it. I'll give him a chance and see what he does, he's done and said all the right things so far, so I am not really sure what this conviction that he is a chancer comes from. There isn't anything thus far that suggests that.
  13. Fair play to them, always had a soft spot for Forest.
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