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  1. Says we've offered £4m loan fee, with additional payments if we stay up.
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    Your pet hates

    How busy gyms are on Mondays in January. Goddamn New Year New Me wankers, how dare they try an better themselves.
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    Kieran Trippier

    Watching the below video you can really tell just how much of a leader this guy is: https://youtu.be/9OTQCgd9mVY
  4. I'd be well up for that, just as it would be utter chaos, imagine Ole still being at Man United, or Bruce still being here, would be bedlam
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    Toontastic Forum

    Time to split off again HTT?
  6. 54

    Toontastic Forum

    How are the coffers for this place looking at the moment, got enough for the foreseeable?
  7. Did anyone see anything from the BBC or Athletic to confirm our interest in Bakker?
  8. 54

    Toontastic Forum

    HTT doing a Russia and increasing his sphere of influence, and taking down his enemies.
  9. I love how I changed all bar 2 of our current 11 and thats your only gripe
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