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    But the animated series maintains a solid ratings streak; recent episodes have had as many 4 million viewers, trouncing most other non-sports network programming. Maybe the most surprising factoid about The Simpsons is that it’s also one of Disney’s only streaming hits. What The Office did for Netflix, The Simpsons does for Disney Plus. Nielsen U.S. revealed this week that while tentpole shows like Stranger Things, Wednesday, and Cobra Kai were massively popular in 2022, seasons new and old of The Simpsons did comparable numbers, to the tune of 15.9 billion minutes of screen time.
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    Harrison Ashby

    Guess we'll just have to sign him on a pre-contract for when his contract ends in the summer then. Shame.
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    TV shows

    The Simpsons renewed for two more seasons, through to 2025
  4. This is probably 90% bullshit, but it's an amusing thread nonetheless.
  5. Is Gordon leaving Everton, their Given leaving moment circa us 2008?
  6. I know what you're saying, but people were saying similar about Howe when we appointed him in a similar position.
  7. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, get a fair few to keep me covered for a while
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    He came and went quickly too.
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    Big fan of Jason Roy shouting "FUCKING YES" when getting his hundred there.
  10. Good business this, there has to be a balance between the handsomeness of Wilson, Schar and Botman, and the hard weathered looks of Targett and Longstaff. We've been lacking in the later for a while now, so I approve of this.
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    He's shown in the SA20 that he's still got it, its just about managing his workload for the next few months, and then hopefully he'll be back up to full speed just before the Ireland game in June. On another note, is Curran the best white ball bowler around at the moment? He just seems so smart with how he bowls, and can read the game situation incredibly well, given he's and explosive player, i'm kind of surprised he's not been included in a test squad under Bazball.
  12. If its a structured deal, where its payments over X period, as well as containing certain add-ons, then £45m is a probably a decent deal, especially if he's here for a prolonged period of time. He's not a signing that gets the blood pumping, but feel like it'll be a very smart one long term.
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