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  1. Have to say I really will miss the "Mackem Messageboard Gold" thread. The one on here dedicated to our loony neighbours can be quite juicy but never quite reaches the savagery of that one on TT. RiP.
  2. Shame that toontastic has gone. It wasnt very active but I liked the different flavour it had to the other NUFC boards. Skunkers was fantastic in its heyday but was slowly dying as it had lost some of it's edge before the rug got pulled. Some of the members are still here https://sk0nkers.boards.net/ but its not even remotely as good as skunkers. Walter the Mackem is still there but dont think toontoon migrated over to the place.
  3. Back down to an 8 after being on a 9. Today needs to be season-defining and we need at least 3 top class players before the next match.
  4. Well done Eddie, you really, really needed to win that and you did...... Hopefully a watershed moment and he can kick on from that. We need 5 players in the door by the next match.
  5. If he doesnt start getting results and pronto he's a goner. End of Feb at the latest.
  6. Dear me. Bearing teeth just meant being a bit more critical. Not actually asking for him to be sacked.
  7. Who said anything about wanting him out? He has got to do better, results-wise, that's all. Playing nice football but getting beat every week is not acceptable. Fulham did that last season and look what happened there.
  8. Just remember that only two weeks ago we had one of the worst results in our history, so the idea that the current manager is blameless is bullshit. He has also had the luxury of the most supportive home crowd for at least 15 years and we have little to show for it. Even Rafa didn't have that luxury and Bruce achieved results against the exact opposite backdrop. The honeymoon is over and it's time that the support showed it's teeth a little more as we are sleepwalking into the Championship.
  9. Benitez wouldn't be the long-term answer to getting this club back into the top 8 but I think he'd keep this squad up. It wouldn't be sentiment that would have me harking for him to return, but more like pure pragmatism. We absolutely need to stay up this season. I really don't understand the relaxed attitude towards relegation from some quarters. It will be a disaster and nobody can say with certainty what the consequences of it will be.
  10. I don't think he has 18 games to be honest. With Benitez now lurking in the background I think he has about 5 games to show that he WILL get us out of this. Not saying that would be the correct thing to do but I just think it will happen. The murmurs in the fanbase have started and if we are still bottom three at the end of Feb then I think there will be a helluva a noise from that same fanbase.
  11. No I said he got a tune out of the team. Willock arrived fresh and full of enthusiasm but by the first few games of this season the Bruce coaching effect quickly kicked in. Already stated that Willock is no world beater but the current manager should be getting at least some kind of a tune out of him.
  12. My main point in all this is that it's about time proper pressure and expectation was place on Howe's shoulders. He has understandably been given a free ride so far due to that state of the club and playing squad two months ago. But its now time to see if he can deliver at a big, high profile club when the pressure is on.
  13. Because he got "Bruced". Agree that he's average, but he's also better than what we are seeing now.
  14. He'd never been given the chance by anyone beforehand. And yeah, we know that Bruce had ran out of ideas to get anything out of this team. But I think Howe should have gotten at least something out of Willock by now.
  15. Who says its never to be repeated? Why can it not be that Howe is not getting the best out Willock at the moment?
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