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    Steve Bruce

    The time to bin Bruce is right now and everyone knows it. To not do so will be deeply worrying for me. He simply cannot be there for Palace.
  2. Wandy

    Steve Bruce

    If he is still here at the weekend, then you're damned right I am. It's completely unacceptable for him to still be in the job now.
  3. Wandy

    Steve Bruce

    If he isn't gone by Friday do we have legitimate grounds to worry about the competence of the consortium? Taking time to find the right replacement is acceptable. Having this nugget still there at Palace most certainly is not.
  4. Wandy

    Steve Bruce

    We are going to be hated by a significant proportion of the country from now on so we had better get used to it. Very thick skins are gonna be needed from here on in.
  5. Wandy


    Reality has hit hard today. We really, really could go down if we get the mamagerial appointment wrong. Players like Tarkowski are going to be a must in January. We need to make sure that not a single mercenary is amongst the players we buy. Character is going to be everything. I'd honestly consider bringing Keegan back to steady the ship till the end of the season.
  6. I hope that today has been a wake up call for the consortium and they realise that their can be no sentiment in their decision making going forward. Cabbage Face should have been peddled on Monday and his replacement must be someone with absolutely top notch. And the likes of Martinez, Gerrard and Lampard do not come under that bracket.
  7. If Martinez gets the job we are going down.
  8. This cunt has damaged NUFC in way that not even a takeover can fix. Managers and players are easily replaced but Ashley has changed the very essence of our support. The raw passion and defiance in the face of adversity has gone because the type of fan who has those qualities can no longer get in the ground. And the cardboard cut-outs that have replaced them wont be giving up their season tickets now. Utterly, utterly depressing.
  9. Wandy

    Steve Bruce

    A truly, truly terrible decision to keep this cunt on today. The "we didnt have time" excuse doesnt wash either I'm afraid. Its a huge, huge wake-up call for the owners today. Indecision has ruined their own party. I'm not watching another game with him as NUFC manager.
  10. I am shocked to the core at how unmotivated our players look.
  11. It really is woeful. There's a massive problem now at SJP because all of the vociferous fans have walked, been replaced by spectators, and now cant get back in. A new stadium or expansion is the only thing that can resolve this.
  12. Cant remember the last time I felt this nervous about an NUFC game. Feels like its the fecking FA Cup Final.
  13. Woodgate is as thick as a castle wall and doesn't know his arse from his elbow. When he talks about the North East he assumes that attracting people to Tyneside is as difficult as it is for the hellhole that is his smoggie homeland. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  14. Before the mid-1970s, Man Utd had also never won more domestic trophies than NUFC. Not once in the previous 100 years or so of their history had they been ahead of us in terms of domestic trophies won. Man Utd before Matt Busby were, at best, a below average club. Which goes to show that one era in a club's history can propel a club onto a previously unimaginable level.
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