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  1. I don't understand why that is a reason for hope. All that will happen there is the club claim "we have evidence of the PL doing X, Y & Z. The PL then respond with "we refute all of the club's allegations, see you in court". Meanwhile, the national media will barely give the story a paragraph of exposure.
  2. The arbitration is merely about separation. What could be used from the CAT that is relevant to that question? The arbitration does not deal with anything to do with the PL acting anti-competitively.
  3. Even if it goes ahead, the PL will not fold until right at the death. Which could be years away. The Saudis will not wait that long, we just are not that important. They will move on to the Italian league.
  4. Likewise. I'm hanging around here for a few weeks more in the faintest of hopes that a deal is done before the summer window closes. Not going to happen of course, but may as well hang on for a few weeks more. If the CAT gets the green light I will check the thread updates in page 1 from time to time for any developments. But really, there is nothing to discuss on this topic anymore. The only thing either of the two threads on here will be good for will be Twitter ITK bullshit.
  5. Yes. And for that reason I don't know how any longstanding NUFC fan can continue to follow the game after this.
  6. Below is from The Athletic.... "Could the CAT break the logjam? In theory, yes. In practice, nobody knows because sports disputes very rarely end up in CATs. This partly explains why the judge has given the league two extensions to gather evidence for its request to have the case thrown out because the tribunal does not have the jurisdiction for disputes such as this. We await the judge’s ruling on this matter but if anyone thinks this tribunal is a shortcut to a takeover, they could be in for a further disappointment. As of today, there is only one hearing sc
  7. The article in The Athletic is grim. This is simply never going to happen. Consider me fully back in the pessimistic camp.
  8. If a supposedly "simple" process like arbitration can be continuously kicked down the road so often and for so long, then it's not unreasonable to assume that the CAT could literally be years away.
  9. I now think that in reality they have walked away, and meant it last year when they said it back then. They were prepared to come back if they did not have to submit the evidence that is obviously crucial for this to have any chance of happening. But the reality of it is that they were always going to need to submit that evidence, even for arbitration. The PL have played a blinder here and I think Ashley's legal action now looks like a cost-free punt that he has essentially paid for with Staveley's deposit.
  10. Another strongly worded letter. Go and fuck yourselves NUST. You are an embarrassing joke of an organisation.
  11. The guy is a complete helmet. Its clear that the PL don't give a fuck about the CAT case either and know that it won't hurt them, beyond a pittance in compensation to Ashley.
  12. Unfortunately, my gut instinct says he has got it right. I think Ashley will quietly let this fizzle out and start sounding out alternatives. Honestly, its time for people to decide if they want to continue their interest in football in a post-failed Saudi takeover world. I know what my answer is to that particular question.
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