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  1. You'd think Benitez to Everton would have been announced by now......
  2. What happened on the other thread today? I missed all of the excitement.
  3. Seeing the reaction to this prospective appointment I'm really not convinced it's going to happen actually.
  4. Really disappointing news about Benitez, and there's no point in sugar coating it being anything other than a worrying blow to the takeover chances. He would have been a perfect fit for our prospective new owners' project and where we currently stand as a club. I'd love to think his time at Everton will be a disaster, especially considering the way their fans are reacting to it, but I don't think it will be. If they get over the LFC connection and his off-the-cuff comments about them all those years ago he will have them in the top six.
  5. That's basically because this thread isn't really here for a proper debate. Its a thread where the sun is always shining, whereas in the other one there can be sunshine, followed by pissing rain. If we are honest, the only thing realistic is that, one way or another, there will be an outcome quite soon.
  6. Ok, Mr Pedant, that's two more things. Although even those two have been obfuscated by rumour and speculation. Neither are 100% confirmed as definitely happening as yet.
  7. The idea that the other thread is the one for "realism" is a load of bollocks. The truth of this shit show is that almost nothing can be verified as being "real". We know Ashley agreed a deal with PIF/PCP and that they submitted their bid to the PL for the O&D test. Everything else that has followed has been stories based on rumour & hearsay. And continues to be so. Those trying to claim some kind of high ground, proclaiming themselves as "realists" are as annoying as the relentless "it's happening and that's that" optimists. I posted my comments about the De Ma
  8. I will go for Brentford away, first game.
  9. I'd be very surprised if Rafa went to Everton. He is very media savvy so I think he is just using the "talks" to keep his name high profile. I doubt if either party is serious about the appointment happening. One thing is for sure though, Evertonians are almost unanimously opposed to it. If he wants a long term project he'd be looking at the wrong club IMO.
  10. I thought it was quite arty actually. Reminded me of when I did my GCSE in photography many years ago.
  11. Like I say, I believe that at least 95% of his tweeted photos over the last 10 months have had bugger all to do with NUFC. But I just feel there is something in this one, lol. He knows that his twitter audience is NUFC fans and that everything he posts is analysed. He can't be so unprofessional as to go leaking info left, right and centre so he drops a bit of info in just now and again.
  12. The place is he looking at is called Hixon Green, and it's on the corner of Medina Villas & Church Road, in Hove. Do a Google Maps search of Hixon Green, Hove. If you look at the photo, he also included the reflection of the street sign for Medina Villas (next to his right arm).
  13. By the way, the list on the window of those empty premises in De Marco's tweet says "Now Recruiting". And below it, if I'm not mistaken, is the word "manager".
  14. Yeah, saw that one too. The barrier to overseas investment is down, perhaps? Friday's was the big one for me though. The message I took from it was "waiting for the green light". Now, people can scoff, and I'm not saying that it means it's definitely happening, but I'd say an agreement of some kind could be on offer, mainly from Ashley's side. Sign it to make the CAT go away? De Marco's body language and facial expression is that of someone steadfastly focused on waiting for something to happen. Resting back, arms folded, shirt cuff pulled back to reveal his watch. And he is
  15. I do agree that most of his stuff has nowt to do with the takeover but I do think he has craftily interspersed a few that definitely were. Friday's being one of them.
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