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    Yeah, I’m sure there’ll be at least one more decisive classical game, should mean that the remaining games have a lot more tension now. That game was incredible, I was sure Ian was going to find a winning move before the first time control but once it got down to the knight, rook and three pawns versus the queen and pawn I was pretty sure Magnus would find a way to win. Ian looked so fed up
  2. I can’t get over this story, can’t face reading any more about it but there must have been clear and obvious failings as people raised these issues a number of times with social services. Can’t bear to think that this is happening right now in other contexts. Social Work is extremely hard and I’m sure there are lots of situations where warning signs are much harder to spot but this seems like a case of failings on the part of statutory services
  3. Aye, would like to see them both tortured every single day for the rest of their lives. Every single fucking day
  4. Just heartbreaking, so sorry to hear that. To think of the torment someone must be experiencing to take their own life, especially when they have a family is just too painful
  5. Finished Maid today, absolute masterpiece. Best show I’ve seen since Dark
  6. Honestly man, it’s not even just the corruption but the lying about it. He should be locked up
  7. Can’t wait for this knacker to be a distant memory. If no one wants him in January just pay his contract out and tell him to fuck off
  8. gbandit


    Wow, I’m very pro-vaccination but that seems a divisive policy. Don’t know what the public perception of vaccines in Greece is though so maybe it’s only a small minority
  9. Really want my daughter to pick up football, she was class at dribbling when she was 2 but she’s less coordinated now she’s 3. Are kids generally good at dribbling because of their low centre of gravity?
  10. We need a result of any sort but I think if we want to stay alive we need to somehow inject real confidence in the team by winning by at least a couple of goals. Hard to see it as our entire season hangs on this game
  11. gbandit

    Job stuff

    Nice, the pandemic has at least allowed us to work more flexibly. Good luck with the new role
  12. gbandit

    Job stuff

    Where will you be based for it? Can’t remember if you moved out of London or not
  13. “I don’t want to put my family through that again” Bruce says as lashings of gravy and bacon fall from his leaking jowls. Bruce’s wife stares on disconsolately as he puts pen to paper on the interim caretaker role at Manchester United. “It just wouldn’t be fair on them if I didn’t take this opportunity” Bruce starts to choke as a streaky rasher of bacon catches in his throat, his fingers tightening around the pen as his eyes fill with water. Breathless, his eyes grow wider as he stumbles to the floor, his wife motionless. Bruce writhes silently as the darkness seeps into the corners of hi
  14. How the fuck does Bruce Jnr get so much press?
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