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  1. Bit of Tony Hawk’s skateboarding later on and then have to be up early to catch those waves
  2. Not to make light of the situation but why does every picture of Harry make him look like a snide lad
  3. What the fuck did I just watch? Just tons of missiles dropping on what exactly? We’re on a dying planet, most people struggle to get through life on a day to day basis whether that’s to do with finances, health, mental health, or other factors and they’re just dropping billions of pounds worth of death for what? So sick of it all
  4. The royal family is a soap opera that should be discontinued like neighbours was or Brookside. They’ve got no good storylines and all the characters are shit. On top of that, we’re all paying them masses of money so they can continue to keep making episodes even though the quality wouldn’t even make it onto channel 5
  5. Mehrdad dragging Amanda away from Mad Dog Tindall as he arrowed in there, smart
  6. Love how Amanda is always cuddling the players like she’s their mam, she’s class
  7. He dropped the official commentator in it. What did he say again? ‘I had to step in at late notice as the official commentator let them down at the last minute?’
  8. No Rolls Royces for the Al-Hilal players after this performance. Thought Anderson had some lovely touches, he’s clearly got the game to be a playmaker and he always gets into good positions to score. Should have put the second chance away he had but the first was a bit unlucky. Can’t wait to see him develop and it was nice to see the other young lads get minutes too
  9. Not a restaurant but went to the FAB bakery in Fenham the other week, had the best croissant I’ve ever had from the UK there
  10. gbandit

    Job stuff

    Is a drug screen a typical part of the pre-employment process in the states? Even for office jobs?
  11. Should have shivved him there and then and taken the punishment as a martyr
  12. Hmm, I don’t tend to watch reality TV much but I did used to love the Apprentice in the early days when people made massive fools of themselves and it wasn’t as choreographed as it is now. Do the people on the show come across as natural?
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