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  1. I did this and now I'm dead, currently in hell and still waiting on the Bruno medical results. RIP for me bonny lad
  2. Willow

    Diego Carlos

    Neeeeerrrrrr this one's surely dead
  3. Aww, quite liked the look of Bakker as I thought he'd compliment Trippier on the other side. Next!
  4. Seems so, there's still time in this magic window, plenty more agents will be opening the mouth trying to get us to splash more cash. I keep hunting for more rumours because the devil is in the details when it comes to potential new additions, lots more twists and turns before Monday
  5. We definitely need another striker in after hopefully acquiring a CB or 2. Wilson could easily get crocked again and if Wood also gets crocked, we're fucked. After Bruno hopefully signs, we need Bakker in, Burn (ideally 2 CBs) and a young hungry striker (not hungry like Steve Bruce) Anything to lessen the pressure on ASM (and the pressure he puts on himself) to magically win games by himself
  6. Scoot's just been taken away in a straight jacket, not everyone here can handle the fresh transfer threads, let alone an active rumours thread. Praying for his sane return on February 1st
  7. Shift a CB and get Burn in, I'm all for this. The fact he's from here would be such a huge motivator, as if he manages to be part of this season's great escape, that'd be a huge deal for him. Get it done, then on to the next!
  8. Trying to calm my passions as it's still not done yet, damn this uncertain window!
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