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    Karl Darlow

    Good that he’s making a move away. Why do they have to wait until after Tuesday’s match? It’s not like he’ll be on the bench.
  2. Everton’s new striker has just scored.
  3. Stifler

    Harrison Ashby

    Yes, but it is usually a nominal fee. The club will have an idea of what they think the fee will be set at and won’t want to go above it.
  4. I honestly don’t see what he’ll do for them. Hoof it up to Dominic Crock Lewin even though he is more suited to running onto the ball? For those saying he was limited with what he had at Burnley, so had to play football. He was there for over 10 years. He sold anyone who had any sort of technical ability and replaced them with goofball cloggers. They were on a downward spiral and were always going to go down. I honestly don’t think he has it in him to work with the players have or to even motivate them.
  5. To a mirror image of the Leazers end yes, but I fail to see why you think the council have the desire or ability to blackmail the club.
  6. The council don’t own the land. The land is owned by a private developer.
  7. It’s not the council putting the money in, it’s the North Tyne Combined Authorities organisation. They put in money to developments etc that attract businesses to the area. It has nothing to do with the council. I still don’t see how that has lead you to believe that they are blackmailing the club. Blackmailing them for what?
  8. No, what makes you say that?
  9. Stifler


    No it’s not, but if you read through the majority of this thread, the jokes and laughs are aimed at SMB/RTG.
  10. Stifler


    Aye, no one has said that Sunderland don’t have a good support. I think what people get at is how it’s they announce higher attendances m then they get and those on RTG stand by the official numbers. If you go back though, other clubs like Arsenal have been criticised for the same thing, even Ashley fudged our numbers in his last few seasons here. The difference is those who stand by those numbers. If you look at attendances, capacity, and the 1 club cities, Newcastle are 1st with Sunderland next in line. That’s a pretty damming indication that both clubs get good support and the area is a football hotbed. The 2 clubs are 14 miles apart, there is areas on Tyne & Wear that houses supporters for both clubs, but largely we are both 1 club cities and we both get the largest attendances out of 1 club cities. Derby, Leicester, Southampton, and to a lesser extent Leeds are nowhere near. Another thing is supporters of your club not doing things because ‘It’s Mag behaviour’. So you won’t protest against your former owner when he was here because your rivals do it for theirs? You are struggling to get people to come to games with flags and scarves because your rivals have them? It wasn’t that long ago your fans were having a whip around and sending flowers for Liam Sweeney & John Alder, and our fans were doing similar for Bradley Lowry. When we put aside our footballing rivalry, we get along and do good for each other. Sometimes I wish your fans would just put things to aside for your club, and to be honest I wish some of our fans would stop with the songs about your club at random games etc.
  11. Stifler


    Didn’t one of their players once crash his car drink driving on the way to a match and they asked if he’d be released in time for the match?
  12. I meant later on in the summer.
  13. If the voucher has a long expiry date, wait until the end of the season. All of this seasons stuff goes on sale, I got last years keeper too for like £20. The new stuff is also leaked. If you have an expiry date approaching, see if you can buy a new gift card?
  14. If we win there won’t be a party outside of Wembley. Fans will stay for 30 minutes to an hour to watch the team lift the cup, then get on the coaches all the way back and have to sit on either a coach or train with all that excitement. On the flip side, if we lost thats a long journey back. If you are Newcastle and we win, there will be a full on party across the city and will last until the following day where there would no doubt be an open top bus parade. If we lost, you can just curl up and go to bed.
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