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    The Apple Thread

    Packing it in the original box with all of it’s internal packaging would be wise. I can’t trust Royal Mail with a 1st class letter, never mind an iMac.
  2. Won’t happen. All of our football authorities stand to lose so much if they are forced to be transparent or held accountable.
  3. Wraith is a fucking cunt. When the Magpie group was getting pressurised by fans for wanting to have a late walk in, he went out of his way to say that he won’t do it, people should support the team and not protest. This was despite him having a behind the scenes involvement with TMG in the early days. He also went out of his way to say people shouldn’t boycott when TMG were pressured into calling one. Fucking strange that a guy who held a fake funeral in protest against the club can backtrack so much. It absolutely has fuck all to do with him getting nice seats close enough to
  4. My dad actually lives in the same town that Keegan is from.
  5. Loads of miners went down there for work, also the Keegan connection.
  6. Looking forward to going, I’m down there in anyway as my family live down there and I was due to go this weekend before the game was announced. There is a surprisingly fair amount of Newcastle fans in Doncaster.
  7. Am I me being thrusted into the top seat at the Premier League or am I Masters and always been a cunt? If I’m me, then I’d do everything out in the open and bring the fucking place down with me. If I’m Masters, I’m doing it behind closed doors and looking for a bit of coin in the background.
  8. If it’s the Premier League who have failed to provide sufficient evidence, then they should just lose the case.
  9. This guy has been saying they weren’t interested at the very start, then said they walked away when they obviously hadn’t.
  10. Aye, take no notice of an Edwards article. Guy is a cunt, and desperate for Ashley to sell to some chancers.
  11. Let’s not start abusing a 16 year old girl. If you want to skate anyone then slate Wraith.
  12. Hopefully the retail park is demolished and replaced by housing which should put the club back amongst the community.
  13. He’s even came on here saying he’d punch people in the pub if they challenged him on what he did in regards to the legal action.
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