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  1. I loved Meat Loaf. I feel like everyone really liked his music, but no one would admit to it. Fucking gutted, I know he did those farewell tours a little while back but I always felt like he would do another and I’d get a chance to see him live.
  2. The thing is this team was a Championship squad the day it was assembled, it won the Championship by the skin of it’s teeth 5 years ago. We can pin point problems in specific areas but the reality of the situation is that no one is good enough. Our goalkeeper who has been immense is massively on the decline. Our back line is average Championship standard. Our midfield is average Championship standard with ASM being an outlier, but even then he’s not really a team player. You could argue that he doesn’t have a team around him to use, but he doesn’t think make passes when he’s in a situa
  3. The way he speaks irritates me. He pauses after every word and tries to make it dramatic, it’s literally every word, not even ‘news’, just every time he speaks.
  4. I hope Shelvey and Hendrick try and get a hold of some.
  5. Stifler


    A week or so before our takeover their supporters including their recognised official supporters club held up a banner outside of their stadium saying that refugees were not welcome. They can fuck off with this faux outrage out of respect of human rights.
  6. Yes, well either deported or jailed with countries that have agreements.
  7. Someone needs to say it’s unacceptable. Losing to a team 2 division at home should constitute a huge fine, I’m talking 2-4 weeks for everyone on the pitch. Absolutely unacceptable.
  8. Derby will not challenge for promotion to the Premier League under him, well maybe if they have a fluke season like when we finished 5th.
  9. This is it. As a company they will be saved, however Mike will have them running on a tight shoe string. He took us from being a club regularly in Europe before his arrival, to running on a Championship budget and ultimately going down twice under his ownership (and still could go down a 3rd time because of him) because of it. Him buying a Championship club means he will run them on a League One budget. Rooney maybe able to get some loans in from his pals, but ultimately he will realise what’s happening and jump ship, if Everton don’t come calling for him sooner. Then people like h
  10. I hope you enjoy it up here, match result aside. Newcastle is a fantastic city and very friendly towards away fans, unlike countless away games I’ve been too.
  11. Loads of teams in the past have had games in the 1st half of the season rearranged for the 2nd half and been able to play their new players.
  12. Cambridge are struggling financially. I would have no problem if the club decided to give them the whole allocation or a greater share. We need lower league clubs to survive and one of the reasons the Cambridge staff and fans are so excited about this match is because it will help them survive.
  13. I wonder if they will wait to announce it at the Cambridge match.
  14. What makes people think there would be a double announcement?
  15. Stifler


    Yeah, prices in particular for premium brand cars are quite high. You look at adverts of 5-6 year old Mercedes, BMW’s, and Audi’s being available for £75 per week. Oh ok, so you are paying the same if not more for an older car that’s half way through it’s expected life cycle than you would for a new one. Yeah I get the point new cars are taking a little while to arrive, but if you are in the position to plan ahead then getting new is far cheaper. My car that I have got is going for £7k-£10k more than the new price.
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