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    I was there for the game when we came back up and they actually sang that as well. I was speaking to Leicester fans before and after the match and they were very humble. I had been to Wolves the season before and it was very hostile and I was expecting it to be a midlands thing but it was far from that. I honestly can not begrudge the success the Leicester fans have had in recent years, and they have surely got to be everyone’s 2nd favourite team in the Premier League?
  2. Let’s also not forget that as well as keeping his box, he is also a Spurs fan and has reportedly bought a box for them after selling us.
  3. Man Utd flew to Leicester today.
  4. A lot of Spurs fans would obviously change their tune if it was them being taken over, they are obviously jealous and feel like that they are going to slip further away from ever winning the title with Kane getting a year older and likely half way out of the for and their best squad possibly ever not being good enough or bottling it. However let’s not forget that Spurs have a large Jewish following, and for many of their fans, a Saudi led club will never be welcomed. I think this is one of the reasons why their takeover to PIF failed, apart from the owners thinking they could sell
  5. People have accepted Qatari involvement in football. The world was outraged when they bought the World Cup bid, but people have accepted it now, especially with PSG being normal as well. The Qatari’s could buy Arsenal, or Leeds (as they have been rumoured too for so long) and no one would care one bit.
  6. If we were to rebuild SJP then a good option around the Leazers Terrace issue would be to dig down. I was at the new Spurs stadium at the weekend for the NFL and outside is not as high as SJP, but inside it is much bigger because the pitch and some of the stands are below the outside street level.
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    I live and grew up in North Tyneside. For a very large part of my life I have been able to avoid coming across Sunderland fans. There are people in South Tyneside, Washington, and Durham who are in regular contact with Sunderland fans day in day out, might even have them in the same family. To them the rivalry will be more apparent. I don’t know how the rivalry manifests itself since they fell to League One, but I doubt it’s totally gone. Even if our takeover brings us constant success and they fail to ever get out of League one or into the Premier League, we will still b
  8. The more I think about it, the more shocked I am that he’s eventually sold up. He has no incentive, ok he’s got something like £350m, but he’s been able to get that for a few years and never sold up. Some people say COVID was the reason but the deal was pretty much agreed before the pandemic. Maybe it has been because this next relegation would cost him too much and there is less of a chance of bouncing back, but again on balance he would have been better off letting us have a couple of relatively cheap players and a semi-decent manager who wouldn’t cost the world and would keep u
  9. Apparently he has not made any contact with their administrators.
  10. As far as I’m aware in league games the home team gets the revenue as there is a reverse fixture where the away team gets to be the home team, although away teams can charge their own booking fee on top of the ticket cost. In cup games you usually get a percentage of tickets sales and this is why smaller clubs in the FA Cup want to play Man Utd away, because the percentage of tickets sales in those games is more than what they would get if it was at home.
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    Steve Bruce

    Not if they take him out to lunch to do it. It will be like when a guy takes a girl out to lunch to break up with them, except he’ll be crying not because he’s getting finished, but because they have stopped serving the breakfasts.
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    The club actually owns them billboards, TMG tried to get them to put up anti-Ashley adverts and the club obviously said it wasn’t happening.
  13. I can see why they want him but the tags of us being deluded etc are uncalled for. Just admit that you don’t want your club to go bust and you are prepared to have 15 years of Ashley ownership to prevent that. The thing is they think he’ll either save them this season or bring them straight back up and then have them competing to get in to the Premier League. As we know he promised to turn us into a competing force in the Premier League, like we were a few years before his arrival. We all know now that he effectively turned us into a yo-yo team. Derby fans thinking he’ll
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