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  1. I have never been 'optimistic' in my life, I'm just not built that way. I remain realistic, as always. But yes, we do have to W A I T for a couple more days!!!
  2. I have never been 'optimistic' in my life, I'm just not built that way. I remain realistic, as always. But yes, we do have to W A I T for a couple more days!!!
  3. Fantastic idea to go over to Saudi for the last week of the transfer window. Amanda can now speak with the people who matter at P I F, face to face, makes things so much easier and so much quicker. Expect "dynamite" as we get towards the last few days of the window . . . absolute D Y N A M I T E !!!!!
  4. Best place for constant rumours . . . https://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Sport/Football/Premier+League/Newcastle+United
  5. After 14 years of MISERY caused by him to our great club and its supporters, it is great that our new owners can stand up to him until he is forced to realise and admit just how C R A P he was (and still is). "So you want to sue us little Mikey?" "SEE YOU IN COURT PAL, WHERE WE CAN TALK ABOUT ALL THIS . . . "
  6. Also, the 2000s under Sir Bobby, but not since then.
  7. Over-reaction on steroids !!!
  8. I think they will feel that they have "done their work for Saturday's match v Watford" and that the subsequent acquisitions - though still urgent to be done by end of January - do not actually need to be done before this Saturday. So, they are likely to be the younger, non-UK, more expensive purchases for the defence and midfield, and (perhaps) also another up-front.
  9. manorpark

    Chris Wood

    A release clause in a players contract only means that his club must "tell him" if an offer for him is received of (or above) a certain amount. That's all. Everything else depends on whether the player is interested in the offer or not.
  10. manorpark

    Chris Wood

    The two situations (ourselves and Burnley) could not possibly be more different - now and at any other time. Just think what the future could hold for Chris Wood here with us over the coming years, medium and long term . . . then compare it to "the best possible" at Burnley over those same years.
  11. manorpark


    I would imagine Sky would have sent a one word reply . . . Where?
  12. manorpark


    You know, I have always felt that "Fawlty Towers" was my favourite long-lasting sit-com of all time. No more !!! The "Sunderland Fans" sit-com (though more of a Tragi-Sit-Com) has now replaced it, and the best thing about it is that it will now last . . FOR EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. manorpark


    Wish people would stop using those words, they have no basis in reality, in any reality under any circumstances. P I F are in it as our part-owners for the long haul, and they will never accept the idea of aiming to finish 2nd in anything, ever. They want to get this 'daft early stage' with us over with - asap.
  14. I use this page . . . https://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Sport/Football/Premier+League/Newcastle+United
  15. Pretty much what was planned in 1997 . . .
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