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  1. You said Y O U would do that !!
  2. Just W A I T and see !!!
  3. If we know this, then I'm sure that Ashley's Legal Team will know it to, and will have worked out how to stop it happening.
  4. October 2009 was when the original building for the site, a round building called 'Strawberry Place' was first planned. That proposal fell through, and the space remained empty and dormant for many years. The current Home Group HQ Office Block, was proposed only recently and construction (as can be seen) is now well underway. There are also big plans for the site next door to this, where the St James' Park Metro Station Car Park (now fenced off) used to be. The designs proposed for the four new buildings on the Metro Station site have (I think) changed again recently . . .
  5. It is the new Head Office for "Home Group" (Housing Association) . . . https://www.skyscrapercity.com/threads/strawberry-place-home-group-headquarters-and-vita-student-accommodation-newcastle-various-u-c.981402/unread
  6. I agree with . . er . . "some" of that HTT II
  7. Try to understand my posts, rather than nit-picking about whether a clear statement I make might be an expression of opinion, or an expression of fact. You lose the meaning by doing that, and you waste my time and other peoples time with nit-picking . . and you also waste your own time!!
  8. There is no such thing as a "positive" thread (despite one thread having that word in its title) it is just another thread about the Takeover, but one where more of the people who see things objectively and clearly, tend to post. I treat both threads as the same, because they are, though the percentage of "doom and gloom" types is higher (unfortunately) on this thread!
  9. I repeat, despite it being again mentioned that I will, I can again re-confirm (though I should not have to) that I will NEVER say anything like that, and people repeating the possibility back to me (like you) will never make me change my way of life and standard of behaviour about this or anything else. That is not who I am. OK?
  10. I have said it before, so here it is again. There is no point in being a "wind up merchant" so no matter how much you want me to become one - I will NOT do so. I have also said before, so I will say it again, when the Takeover happens I will never say "I told you so", because I do not care about that !!! All I care about is NUFC and our great City (and Region) that it represents.
  11. Best thing for Hakka to do is to ignore this legion of unsubstantiated negativity, as I said, just like what is being (again) thrown enthusiatically at me !!
  12. Yes, I know, I know that many agree that currently there is no point, it's a bit like "going to the match", there is no point (almost literally) at present.
  13. Those are the two MAIN reasons many people give, or 'reveal' by their comments. There will be hundreds of other reasons. I was saying what the "main" reasons undoubtedly are, I was not (and am not) ignoring anything.
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