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  1. Yes, me too! On Commercial Road for a year, then just off it for 4 years. An experience (never to be repeated!)
  2. Yes, know what you mean. Had the pleasure of living there for a few years
  3. Yes, sorry folks, but there is only so much s**t I can put up with!
  4. Says the Newcastle Online TROLL !! As discussed many times previously on here, there are (in the current state of NUFC) only two threads of any relevance. That will change, but at present that is how it absolutely is.
  5. This is a recording, this is a recording. Why do you do that?
  6. The currently called "positive" thread is the "logical and realistic" thread, based on all availble knowledge. Some of the negative conclusions people come to are not realistic at all, but their thinking (if that's what it is) is "mind-blowingly" creative in how they add 2 and 2 together and make Minus 4" out of it. Mind-blowing. Just rename the (so-called) Positive Thread the "Realistic, Logical and Common Sense" Thread, then merge to other one INTO it, so it can be absorbed by it. Common sense prevails . . . and then we can all look forward tog
  7. It's always a bonus when someone agrees with you, no matter how flawed their reasoning might be Clap away. Me, I am just an NUFC fan who wants the best for his club, as I always have, and presently that "best" is very, very, exciting!
  8. It's not worth it mate! However, on your first point, "having confidence in your ability" is a diametrically different situation to "having the ability". You have helped prove my point. Just look at ALL the people involved on both sides (not just the legals) and the respective differences are M A S S I V E
  9. You ask me to answer, then you tell me that I cannot use (at least one) part of the obvious answer.
  10. We are all different, we all have different abilities. Based on the information available to us all, I have come to certain inevitable, logical, clear conclusions. As they say . . "other conclusions are available" !!!
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