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  1. You've posted some shite in your time, like, but that might just take the biscuit.
  2. Dubravka Manquillo Schar Fernandez Lewis Joelinton Shelvey Willock Saint-Max Almiron Wilson
  3. Rich

    Matt Ritchie

    Was going to ask if anyone knew how many he’d been responsible for, was thinking about 8 or 9.
  4. Rich

    Jonjo Shelvey

    Nowt wrong with that question like, just surprising that the club content bloke asks more pressing questions of the players than journalists do.
  5. Reckon it'll be: Dubravka Manquillo Schar Lascelles Fernandez Ritchie Joelinton Shelvey Willock Saint-Maximin Wilson SUBS: Darlow, Clark, Murphy, Lewis, Hayden, Longstaff, Fraser, Almiron, Gayle. Head says narrow loss, heart says narrow win. Will bet on a goal-laden draw If I was picking it, I'd go: Dubravka Manquillo Schar Fernandez Lewis Joelinton Shelvey Willock Saint-Maximin Almiron Wilson The beauty of this is that you could have Almiron dropping in/rotating with ASM to better prote
  6. Rich


    Newcastle's on Citymapper now!? Used to rely on it loads in London.
  7. Am I blind or was there no Shelvey or Clark there?
  8. Aye, no issues with the charitable donation element. It should've been 5-10x the size, though.
  9. Nah, given the size of the captive audience and the depth of feeling against Ashley's ownership/general desperation amongst a decent chunk of the fanbase to do something to have an impact it's not a big amount. Hearts was the inspiration, apparently, and they were doing £1.5M a year at the beginning of the pandemic with an aim to get that to £2M. Hearts have raised £12.6M in total in 11 years and 1 month, it seems. At the rate the Trust was going at, we'd be looking at £3.6M in total in that timeframe (and it had already slowed significantly before the takeover). That's between 1/3
  10. Rich


    Could read this sort of stuff all day long.
  11. Rich

    Transfer rumours

    Can we start keeping track of this stuff somewhere so we can rinse people when it doesn't happen the way they tell us it will?
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