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  1. I don't think it means backing in a financial sense, tbh. It's what people presume, but I think he just backs him to keep us up
  2. That away top is smart. Glad I wasn't the only one whose first thought was Unknown Pleasures
  3. Basically just going to be this again, isn't it?
  4. Someone get him a wambulance ffs.
  5. Based on seeing him a handful of times for Carlisle and the Newport league cup game, that's a terrifying thought.
  6. Went out with work colleagues tonight and while we remained outside, one bar in particular was literally like Covid never happened. Back to bar queueing (thankfully neither drink there was my round) and a proper push through to the bogs. Dunno how I feel. It was completely weird having not seen owt like it for 16 months and reassuring to see normality back but it's just a hotbed to spread it like mad if it's not under control. I don't know how to interpret things, tbh. I've had someone I know in the health service - whose view I'd previously taken as gospel - be adamant the media a
  7. If he was a man of principle, genuinely wanted the best for the club and thought the way it’s being ran was unacceptable, he’d walk. Like the man before him, show the world how bad it is - that we openly refuse to compete and that the fans are being held in contempt. But nah, most importantly he’s happy to take the money knowing he can get away with doing very little while there’s next to no chance of that steady cash flow being snatched away. He can stay where he is and avoid further criticism by hiding behind his “local” and “nice guy” image.
  8. MMA getting in the Buttery Steve hype train.
  9. All I can think of is him commenting on his own behaviour ffs "He's a good lad is our Colin. Smashing lad. Cracking fella. Gets unjust press sometimes but he's rayt up there"
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