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  1. Nah what happened to the slides from the Gallowgate down to the metro station? Need those, not the escalators.
  2. Leyg One, marra. Reycently got beyt 2-1 by the massive lads.
  3. Get a scouting report from that lot down the road
  4. Everybody if you can do the Botman! Shake your body turn it out if you can man. Front to the back to the side if you can can. Everybody in the house do the Botman.
  5. If it wasn't for the cost it'd have involved, I honestly think he'd have had it in the seat colour/pattern too.
  6. There's a level of branding that's tolerable, though. Have the new sponsor all the way round the East Stand and Gallowgate by all means, just don't slap it on the roof and what have you. That's what was really ridiculous about SD - it had to go on every available space.
  7. I’m surrounded by them. My missus is a Lestah fan. A lot of them think there’s still an over reliance on old heads like Vardy, Evans and Schmeichel. They seem concerned there doesn’t appear to be any longer term planning for when Vardy in particular may be past it. While they’ll admit they fleeced Man Utd for Maguire, they’re losing patience with Soyuncu. The ones I speak to most find Perez frustrating too. On top of that, the ones I speak to don’t think Rodgers has managed the Thursday/Sunday schedule particularly well and aren’t that arsed about the Waffa Cup.
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