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  1. Totally battered. We were left looking like Duncan Edwards on the tarmac.
  2. As if that contact naturally led to two feet leaving the ground
  3. Froggy’s wumming attempts aren’t really taking off like. A bit like…
  4. Just concerned what Ronaldo might do if he doesn’t start getting things his own way…
  5. He might well have been there. I was also told he sometimes “just goes and sits in his car”
  6. Didn't post it t'other day as I couldn't be arsed with the ITK accusations, but someone at the club was sorting me out a signed shirt and said they hadn't seen ASM at the training ground (Isak's signed it though). Did think when he told me he's probably injured again
  7. Brian Clough was Leeds manager by four more days. There's a stat.
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