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  1. He has the tools and is only 25. He absolutely can be very good again. I'd be very happy if we get him. Ideally him and Lingard. I suspect Lingard might fancy coming if Dele Alli is here. Still will need that physical break up play centre mid.
  2. Is it possible refs and VAR are more inclined to take second looks at stuff and give it for top 6 sides because they know it will garnish higher attention and noise than if it's against a lower PL side? I doubt there is a specifc conspiracy but I definitely think there maybe some unconconcious bias out of fear of not giving something and it getting a backlash.
  3. Is there a table anywhere showing clubs that have benefited or been hurt from VAR? Liverpool must be top beneficiary.
  4. hakka

    Chris Wood

    As a lone striker he's useless unless you're sticking in a lot crosses for him to head home. We don't really produce many crosses, so him with back to goal on his own or with one up in support pretty much nullifies him, as he has no quality or speed to do much with the ball at his feet. Hopefully he improves and changes my view, but I really hope we bring in Zapata urgently to play instead of him.
  5. Aye, I thought he had a decent game and was very creative.
  6. I thought he was his least selfish today. Passed many times to other players.
  7. Huge 3 points. Leeds had a shitter in front of goal, but we really grew in to that game. Glad that despite the players that went off injured the ones that came on did a decent enough job. I thought ASM as excellent late in the game to receive the ball and take the game to Leeds. I dread to think what our game play would be like without him. Wood seems miles off the pace. That Zapata deal will hopefully come off on top of a CB and CM.
  8. Glad you put that in caps. Makes a huge difference.
  9. At least De Jong slowly rolled his on target towards goal.
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