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  1. Like him or not, he's our massive shithouse now. I do like how he seemed to single handedly drag Everton to be competitive when I've seen him play. Eddie and the team want him then I'm happy to see what they get out of him. I think he is something more tenacious and effective than Longstaff or Murphy, how much more remains to be seen.
  2. I know what you mean, but I'm still using the hauntings of the Ashley era to keep me happy with what we have. I ideally want Wood replaced with a real goal threat and Longstaff and/or Murphy pushed further away from being needed at all. One first team signing and one youngester for future and my thirst for progression would be sorted.
  3. The ASM and Isak dual sub is an absolutely brilliant option at minute. Such pace and trickery to cause utter havoc against tired legs.
  4. hakka

    Ace posts

    If Mike had a show I'd watch it.
  5. Christ, just seen 21 matches and 1 goal for him this season. 😳
  6. Tough game. We were well on top, just lacked quality in final third. Our earlier season form up top has dropped off a bit. This kind of game is one we could have won, and if we want top 4, probably should have.
  7. His heads turned now. Worrying.
  8. Politics to the Tories just seems like a tax payer looting game.
  9. hakka

    Alexander Isak

    ASM, Isak and Wilson on at same time was naughty. That's a lot of movement, pace and talent.
  10. He seems do two things well. He is a nuisance for high press all game, and he has great ability to ghost in to the box. His lack of quality in advanced positions is hurting us. We need him back to a sub that helps us see out a game thats in the bag, not playing 90 mins for us.
  11. hakka

    Fabian Schär

    And fills in for creative passes and attemtps at goal with high quality for a centre back. He's been so classy.
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