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  1. leffe186

    U.S. Politics

    That story actually, genuinely brings tears to my eyes. Fuck.
  2. I mean, you're really saying "leave England to the English", which I think Mike is OK with.
  3. leffe186

    The weather

    Think I might have lost the tips of my ears while filling up the wife's car this morning too. Still can't feel them. I thought I'd miss the snow and cold when moving to London but man, it's wearing thin.
  4. Fucking hell, are there any other noises left?
  5. leffe186

    The weather

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-64485092 Pumping gas/putting petrol in the car earlier was not fun. That wind is bitter.
  6. They often label it something different here though, like a “chocolate croissant” or something. If I see it on the counter I ask for pain au chocolat because that’s what it is, and sometimes don’t notice that they’re telling me it’s actually “chocolate bread”.
  7. Oh shit yeah, that’s another one. I guess I’m old enough to not give a shit what people think, but every once in a while I catch myself saying it and realize I’m the only one in NE Ohio doing it.
  8. I think I am the only person in this area who pronounces “croissant” the French way. Everyone here says crass-arnt (or something like that). I’m not doing it to be poncey, it’s just how I learned to say it. I don’t affect an exaggerated French accent, it just sounds normal to me.
  9. Exactly this. Dad died last year and my sister and I became so much closer through the process. I’m so sorry the experience in the hospital was so devastating. Know that the little ones are more resilient than we think, but if possible get advice from the hospital/therapists on how to speak to them, now and going forward. I realize that this comes too late for you, but for everyone else who might be in that situation, know that the additional trauma of a familiar location is real and potentially avoidable. We have had families who lost a child in a certain room find themselves back in that room with another child. If - God forbid - you find yourself in that situation let the staff know asap. We’ve moved patients for precisely that reason.
  10. I thought it was terrible. Sixth Sense and Split were pretty good. Unbreakable was OK. I find the others either flat out terrible or missed opportunities.
  11. You’re not supposed to count the basement footage, are you?
  12. leffe186

    NFL 2022

    It’s not hatred, just resentment.
  13. leffe186

    NFL 2022

    My wife backs Burrow because he’s from Athens OH (where she went to college) and went to LSU (where she got her doctorate). We’re watching the game at a mate’s house - he’s Ravens so me and him are just anti-Bengals because of the division. I don’t mind any of the other three winning. Just a shame that this has become a procession because the 49ers literally cannot throw.
  14. It really does feel like every Wrexham game I see could have been scripted.
  15. Looks like they’re having fun though
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