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    Not been paying close attention - he still there? Just waiting on that inquiry completing?
  2. leffe186

    Your pet hates

    I said this on Reddit once. I know what speed I want to go at. If someone’s going slower, I’ll overtake. If someone’s going faster, I’ll get out of their way. Just pick a speed. Should be the first rule of highway driving. Think it was my most liked comment on there by miles and miles
  3. Naah, I lost hope in football. Big difference.
  4. Not too fussed tbh. I mean, I’m trying not to care in general, but I certainly don’t care all that much if Alli goes.
  5. I post a lot on Chat but much less on Football. Mentioned it before, I’m trying to walk away from footy as much as I can. I’m always going to be a Spurs fan of course, but football…well it just all fucking sucks It just doesn’t mean what it used to…to me. Yeah the Alli thing is interesting. Of course, he was with Poch as he was developing as a player and a man - the issues came after. Maybe he doesn’t gel as well with Mourinho or Conte, but maybe he’s simply changed himself as he got older and more experienced. It’s still relatively early days with Conte though.
  6. leffe186

    U.S. Politics

    Sometimes I feel the only appropriate response to these people is to scream “stop being so fucking stupid” repeatedly into their face at point blank: https://m.dailykos.com/stories/2022/1/22/2076232/-Michigan-GOP-co-Chair-claims-schools-keep-litter-boxes-for-use-by-kids-playing-furries Meshawn Maddock appears to be an absolute piece of work. Starting with that name.
  7. Just seeing that picture made even the smell come back. Miss those.
  8. leffe186

    Comic book stuff

    Don’t make the same mistake they did.
  9. leffe186

    Star Wars

    This should have been the first episode tbh. The writing isn’t great though…still.
  10. leffe186

    U.S. Politics

    Yeah. I think my frustration is that so many people around me at work (younger, nurses) are so completely disengaged from politics. In a workplace that has long been a cultural battleground but is now at the front lines in so many ways it is wildly dispiriting. January 6th should have been a slap in the face to all of us. Instead I feel like half the people around me barely even think it happened.
  11. Currently on -5. Williams with 6pts on the bench too.
  12. Brought in Cathcart on a whim at the last minute for a -4pt penalty. Nice.
  13. Bengals, 49ers, Rams, Bills.
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