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  1. It’s one of a few TV episodes I remember first seeing with the whole family. The ambulance one and the Peckham Spring one were others. Lot of nostalgia there.
  2. Get in, that was my guess. And, incidentally, RIP.0
  3. Not seen the card game ep for probably 20 years. Might go dig it up.
  4. Ooof. Man I’d love to see the thinking behind that. Feels like something from Borat.
  5. When I’m working I always forget the Friday game
  6. The main attraction for me of one or both of my girls being gay is (a) they’re less likely to get pregnant early and (b) they’ll probably have more disposable income when I’m old.
  7. I can’t work out if it’s the malice or the stupidity that’s more infuriating.
  8. Our local school offices are all on lockdown now because of all the death threats - this went viral in right-wing media apparently. Breitbart now posted a video of a local student saying she was “forced to watch a sexually explicit movie involving a 10-year old”. Based on what she said, some parents worked out that it was probably Little Miss Sunshine.
  9. They just “agreed” new Ohio voting districts. Was supposed to be a bipartisan agreement (5 Rs and 2 Ds on the committee I think) before midnight but they couldn’t come up with one so the majority GOP just voted their one through. So that’s settled then. The GOP Governor says well shucks, it would have been nice for it to have been bipartisan and, y’know, it’s clearly against the Ohio constitution, but I’ll just approve it for now. Montgomery County has four guaranteed Republican districts and one guaranteed Democratic one. Guess who they voted fo
  10. So one of his jobs was part time at an estate agent, the other was being employed by his parents. And he was given a car. And he was paying his parents £120pm rent (which I’m guessing included food and bills). And when he went full time he could bank £1200 a month on a £14000 salary (eh?). And then he could put £11K down to buy a £115K house (I have no idea if this would be possible with a £14K salary as a 19-year-old. Would his parents have had to be involved as guarantors?). And he could then rent that house out whilst living where - with his parents? I mean, maybe. Sounds like he w
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