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  1. No man, we filmed last April and he had been off for a few months.
  2. Thought rowing was a decent guess tbh. Aye, all paid for by the bbc and the eggheads were really nice and genuine people. Filmed it last April. First person on our team to get a question right but if you look at my face after Jeremy asks whether he's right it just drops, I was so arrogant too.
  3. Cheers Yorkie. Unsurprisingly didn't know the 1954 welsh sports personality of the year? They also left in the bit where I embarrassed myself, not good.
  4. Absolutley loving the pre match interviews. Think there's been a few mistakes made regarding my social life though. Gutted to be missing this.
  5. I'm afraid I'm not going be able to make it up this weekend for either match so I'm going to have to pull out. Sorry lads
  6. I'll be up for the game and played in a few of these for the blues, definitely up for playing.
  7. Absolutely, only issue is I play sat and sun for my 11 a side team. I generally drive up for every game at St James' and a few aways, but will definitely make an effort to play in more from now on
  8. Was good fun yesterday, liked playing in a competitive match where the result doesn't really matter. Thought our whole back 4 were decent through out, they made it easy to play out from the back. Our midfield improved in the second half and we played it along the deck more, while our strikers worked hard and held it up. Kezman's tackle wasn't too bad, no intent, just one of those things
  9. Il put my name down for this, don't have a colour as I've only ever played for NOFC before.
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