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    Tokyo 2020

    Equalizer in the football!
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    Of course there's a trump flag in that crowd, bunch of absolute fucking lunatics.
  3. Bizza


    Jesus wept
  4. 1-0 York, setting the tone for the season.
  5. It's something to do whilst I slowly die from heat stroke.
  6. The back needs more stripes, it's just white with a black stripe down the middle.
  7. Ugh, we really need bin all that 'it's coming home' shite off. The original meaning has been totally lost now and it just makes us look like a bunch of arrogant dickheads.
  8. I fucking hate the fact that I now know what it feels like to see both Newcastle and England lose a cup final.
  9. Knew we'd lose it on pens. Southgates cowardice at 1-0 cost us that.
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