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    Won it! Get in.
  2. Bizza


    Norrie 4-1 up in the final set of the final.
  3. Bizza


    Definite 10 if we stick with lardarse.
  4. Bizza

    Steve Bruce

    Swap one PFM for another? no thanks
  5. Bizza

    Steve Bruce

    Yep, no excuses after that utterly abject display.
  6. Good first 5 mins followed by about 7 hours of absolute shite. Bruce needs to go asap, get a new manager in and start laying plans for the January transfer window.
  7. Shelvey you gormless bald cunt, just fuck off.
  8. Hopefully they'll be waiting for Bruce in the dressing room at FT to march him out the building.
  9. "It's been an awful week for Steve Bruce" get fucked man.
  10. They'll probably come back out and finish the first half then have a quick break and switch ends.
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