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  1. When fans complain about XYZ one standard response is Football isn't just a game its a business now. How come the rules on monopolies and fair competition, can then conveniently be side stepped by the Governing bodies :lol:
  2. Protip: if you stop the page from loading before the paywall appears, you can read it for free 😉 As soon as the page starts opening, the very 'second' it has started, click on "Esc" at the top left of your keyboard, if you are using a standard keyboard. There may be another way to do it, but that's what I do. It works every time, but you have to be QUICK !! haha just worked, well fuck me.
  3. Unless im barking up the wrong tree, they need to establish that link to reject on Human rights grounds? edit- But its my feeling they wanted to reject first then went looking for reasons to.
  4. How can you watch the chance of a lifetime be denied your club, something that may never happen again in my lifetime (ambition and finances to match other top clubs). And just forget it and carry on as if nothing has happened and talk (no ambition going nowhere) Football again. Fuck that.
  5. It’s neither acceptable or unacceptable for us to compete. But if every season ticket holder sends in 10 years worth of bank statements in latin, they’ll consider it. For now yes. If West Ham, get bought out by a state backed investor that might change, as being a club in the heart of the Capital, it would obviously be good for the Premier league to have another prestigious club to grow the brand internationally. :thup:
  6. Its ok with the premier league for us to compete in this game? just checking.
  7. the prem said no comment? Then issued that statement, totally rattled to come out with that imo.
  8. Fucking hell, how many pens did we get last season So other clubs have been having thier 2 penneth then. thought as much.
  9. No, we can't. Apart from the fact that there is probably no way to do that, the O&D test is applied to directors/owners all promoted clubs, also at the start of every season for current PL clubs and can be reapplied at any time the PL become aware of ambition outside the top 6. fyp.
  10. I havent followed this thread or all the theories so soz if im behind the curve, or being a doyle, but Can anybody clarify to me, Did Stavely say in print she thought other clubs, possibly Liverpool and Spurs got involved in our takeover with the PL ?Did she ever explain where this came from, and if she has evidence of this, wouldn't that be enough to totally discredit and make Master's decision improper?
  11. cp40


    I think they will be lower mid table, even a flirt with Relegation.
  12. cp40


    did I hear him say Sunderland was one of the top 7 clubs in the country last night?
  13. They live for the big 6 versus the also rans narrative, our takeover is a threat to it.
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