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  1. Bet that's a pen if it's not Robertson.
  2. Rondon's been mentioned several times in the thread, and the season numbers ended up very similar. All comps Rondon 33 appearances, 12 goals 7 assists in 2,616 minutes Wilson 28 appearances 12 goals, 5 assists in 2,203 minutes PL only Rondon 32 appearances 11 goals, 7 assists in 2,608 minutes Wilson 26 appearances 12 goals, 5 assists in 2,085 minutes As another parallel, though both led the attack magnificently, neither was out-and-out most goal getter. Top scorer in 18/19 was Ayoze, and in the second half of this season it's been Willock. Both Rondon and WIl
  3. I hate Ashley, but he got market price or more for Sissoko and Gini. Gini was good but very inconsistent when we sold him. Did he ever score in an away game? Sissoko was a degree of revenge on Spurs for all of the good players they poached from us for buttons. Based on the prices of those two when we had just been relegated, ASM will not be given away. If he goes, we would likely hold out for decent money. Joelinton has proved money can be easily frittered away on prospects, and any big fee for ASM could easily be pissed away too. Some wheeler dealery speculation could be made about
  4. Just for anyone who said we defended terribly, but Understat said the expected goals of Man CIty was 1.48. Ours was 2.18, because pens are about 0.7 each. I'm not a big fan of xG but I think it demonstrates something in terms of actual efforts there. People who defend badly against Man City are waltzed around before Sterling or someone taps it in in acres at the far post. That didn't happen once. They scored with a deflection, a crazy highlight-reel spin flick, and then two completely lethal "name your favourite moocher" (Micky Quinn for me) finishes, the first off a what looked like a ju
  5. 43% turnout when presumably lots of folk can't do what they would normally do due to Covid (I'm not in the UK and don't know the current state). FFS. With a turnout that low, the Leaver and increasingly Tory old will outvote everyone else every single time.
  6. https://www.worldfootball.net/schedule/eng-premier-league-2015-2016-spieltag/34/ Sunderland were already out of the bottom three and had scored 42 goals in 34 matches. Fulham are a long way off either of them. They're going to have to magically start scoring goals, with no evidence to suggest they are capable of it.
  7. VAR’s main job should be to stop the clear errors, like triple yellow cards, the Thierry Henry handball, Stuart Attwell giving a goal for a shot that missed the goal, and sly punches that weren't spotted. VAR also has a valuable and possibly expandable role in stopping diving for penalties. It shouldn't give offsides, or at least till we get AI good enough to tell the lino in real time. Stop-start in cricket allows it to take an umpires' decision and correct it only when a certain margin of error has been exceeded. For an offside, you cannot take a correctable decision because it would me
  8. No, I remember it being mentioned at the time. I only really watch Toon matches and wouldn't know it from another teams' games. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/jordan-pickford-newcastle-everton-penalty-15948894
  9. I've missed the post game on tv, but if I understand the rules, a push in the back on someone clean through isn't just a penalty, it's a red card as well. It's DOGSO with no genuine attempt on the ball. The no double punishment rule only applies when there is a geniune attempt on the ball. We should all know this from the Pickford incident when he was mistakenly allowed to stay on and saved the penalty, before committing various hilarious howlers. I'm not actually against VAR, just the plonkers in charge of it.The only VAR I systematically dislike is marginal offsides.
  10. Extra happy that that Fabinho deflected it in. Serves the cheating twat right for taking out ASM with a pretty high block.
  11. Hope someone keeps them out of the Champions League, divine righter ESL twats.
  12. He was being pushed from behind. Use VAR for the fucking penalty.
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