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  1. I stayed on six after Norwich and will stay on six now. My biggest issue isn't X points off whatever fixture so far. It is whether Wilson, ASM, and Dubs stay fit. They've all had injury problems before, but are better than pretty much everyone in the bottom half. If they stay fit, we won't be relegated. Not with Eddie Howe ensuring a good level of professionalism across the club. I expect us to strengthen in January, and hope we get a backup striker and keeper as priorities. A shiny new right back isn't going to help as much as losing Wilson for the season would cost us.
  2. Super nervy last 10 against turbo Orcball, but before that, quite a good second half that nearly got a second goal. The only scary movement was that amazing Barca-type one-touch move by them which resulted in Rodriguez offside. I wouldn't be surprised if it still makes their season highlight reel. A very rare moment of class in this match. Up to ten points, which is shit, but no shitter than two other teams and not much shitter than several others. We only have to finish above three others, and don't have to swim faster than the shark yada yada.
  3. HT. Pretty shit, but kept at it and applied a bit of pressure that forced a mistake that Wilson pounced on. ASM looks up for it, is playing in his position, and gets to play on the counter second-half with us ahead, not with two blerks constantly tracking him as normal. Needless to say, I'd bite your arm off for 1-0 FT.
  4. Delicious to score a total shithousery Burnley goal off a second phase against them.
  5. Shit so far. No real combinations. Burnley look stronger, more energetic, and more capable.
  6. Based on our games against them, the evolving improved NUFC under Howe are better than at least Watford, Brentford, and now Norwich. Whether it will be enough to catch them is another issue, but I'd expect us to get more points than them in the rest of the season.
  7. He finally gets in the stadium at home with a winnable fixture and an up-for-it crowd, and nine minutes in, we're playing a rearguard action with his game plan in tatters. What a waste. Staveley said the other day that the squad was capable of more, maybe a deserved dig at Bruce, but our best chance of survival lies in having the kind of transfer window no team in the bottom three has ever seen. One that blows all the "no team has ever...." data points out of the water. Clark today showed what the squad is capable of.
  8. GTFI Isn't handball on a goalbound attempt normally a booking?
  9. Just watching the analysis, but even if Clark lets him go through and he scores, there's a decent chance VAR calls it back for handball...FFS. (For anyone blaming Wilson the other day against Arsenal, Pukki went down very easily there and got the decision)
  10. Well remembered. Click on the games and we were playing a back four of Carr, Cacapa, Taylor and N'Zogbia and Smith playing up front. It's lost somewhere in my own memory, but it won't have been pretty. https://www.transfermarkt.com/kevin-keegan/leistungsdatenDetail/trainer/453/verein_id/762/datum_zu/2008-01-16/datum_ab/2008-09-04 Under Bruce last season we gained 17 points from the first 11 games, then 11 points from 18 games, nigh on half the season, and finally 17 points from the last 9. I'm sure Eddie Howe could equal that 17 points from 11 games with some properly spent P
  11. I'm still on six. Dubs is back in and I think if you are offered 0-1 and Callum Wilson fouled from behind in the box after 70 minutes, you'd take that pre-game. The final result and media love-ins for Arsenal do not change that. A three game ban for violent conduct againt Lascelles would probably have helped, but we didn't get that break either. We're still bottom and desparate for points, but there is still time and opportunities to turn it around. It's going to take a lot of work, some of it by the consortium to get someone competent in to sign the players we definitely need. Wit
  12. Wilson is fine and Stuart Atwell is a c..t.
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