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    Who's ill?

    Sorry to hear that, GWN. That is really sad to read.
  2. Just finished All of Us Are Dead. Probably a few episodes too long and some things annoyed me a bit with it. But I thought it was really good. I’m by no means an expert in Korean cinema or TV shows. But they really seem to nail the emotions the actors are portraying. Seems that it is a big part of the storytelling. In the films and series I have seen. It always seems to hit me harder in the feels than the usual English speaking stuff. It could just be that I’m only watching the best of the best that makes it to a global audience. But it’s definitely a theme I have noticed.
  3. Proven that he performs in this set up and league. Plus the price seems more than fair. I think there are numerous areas that need upgrading before him in the starting lineup. Striker, winger/wide forward, DM, CB and GK. He has been brilliant bar the Spurs game, when everyone was off it and complete and utter shite. I'd sign him.
  4. Ian doesn't mind it. But he did tell me "I don't agree with that in the workplace."
  5. Nearly finished this. It is incredible. Unlce Colm is probably my favourite character, much to the chagrin of the missus. As I am now starting Colm monologues whenever she asks me a question But there are too many good ones to choose from. They are all played to perfection. It's one of the most enjoyable comedies I can remember watching for quite some time.
  6. I liked his ringwalk music. It's a good song, at least. It certainly worked with the moody, emo/greb teenager vibe that Pattinson was going for.
  7. Up the fucking Gas. Look at those scenes!!
  8. The script is getting a bit unrealistic now. Plot armour thicker than what Arnie would wear in an 80’s classic.
  9. Real Madrid have done a deal with the devil. How else can you explain them being so average/shit for a whole game. Yet still finding a way to hang in. At this point. It feels like they are Homer Simpson when he tried his hand at boxing.
  10. You’re entitled to your opinion. I think Chelsea and Man U are far worse in my experience.
  11. How’s he not been booked. Managed about 2-3 fouls in one go on Foden. All yellow worthy
  12. Just a flash Dennis Rommedahl.
  13. Play the best football under Klopp and have done it without the obscene backing money wise, like some of the other European clubs at the top level. I don’t even mind their fans. Much prefer them to Chelsea and Man U, for example.
  14. Same. Want Liverpool to win the lot. Fuck City.
  15. Lush Vlad

    Rafa Benítez

    He is an utter penis.
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