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  1. Bit ridic us having to wait a year or more but I suppose it's to do with their deals with Sky.
  2. Yeah I get that, I just don't think it was as enjoyable a show when he just became another bad guy. I am the one who knocks (plotpoints in Breaking Bad)
  3. Naw I don't agree it's not rewatchable its probably one of those shows with loads of wee things you'd pick up on a rewatch and ill probably revisit it a few years down the line. Just not getting the best show ever hype is all I meant, still thoroughly enjoyed it. My biggest gripe was the de-humanizing of the Walter White character as the show went on. Was at it's best when he was a fish out of water for me, before he went completely batshit crazy.
  4. Actually agree with bowlingcrofty, really good show but isn't anywhere near as good as the hype. Didn't come near Sopranos for me.
  5. Williamson was absolutely immense again today, what a turnaround for the guy. Fantastic team performance. Barring Sunderland and Hull it's been a great season so far.
  6. At this point a change probably would be worth it just to see if they go for someone half decent but even then I don't hold out much hope with the owners unbalanced squad etc. Apathy is the word at the minute.
  7. Any goodwill I had left for the bloke is now gone, i'd be all for sacking him but what difference will it really make with Ashley and Kinnear running things.
  8. might cry if we don't do these. If we proper did them say by 2 or 3 goals that'd be them pretty much down for me IMO barring a minor miracle. After all that shite with the facist last year I think i'd enjoy doing them tomorrow more than the 5-1
  9. Steve Coppell must have done this about 5 times and he had no bother continuing to get work. There'll be a job in the Championship for Holloway if he wants it, great manager at that level and can do wonders with a small budget.
  10. That birra moretti is class like, 2.50 a bottle in my local spoons ( ) for a big in
  11. The Narcissist

    FM 2014

    Aye it's the money we owe Ashley
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