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  1. He's played well for us in spells tbf, first half of the Championship season, latter half of 17/18. But that's it. He's not done well since then, in spite of scoring 6 goals in 19/20. Should've gone 2 years ago. The way he got those yellow cards is unforgivable, just like Hendrick v Southampton at home last season.
  2. Breathing in some more hopium personally, but Conte is the only one from those mentioned I can see coming if it was sold to him, or if he actually fancied it. Conte took a Juventus side that finished 7th the season before to the title, and has been in relegation battles before at Bari and has led Siena to promotion. I just want us to approach him, if he says no then fair enough. But getting him in will give me as much of a buzz as the takeover going through did.
  3. He's regressed not just as a player for us, but as a captain also imo. Doesn't seem anywhere as front and centre or much of a leader as he was under Benitez.
  4. Rafa won't leave Everton and suggesting Keegan is daft imo. Throw money at and suck up to Conte to try and entice him, give him whatever he asks for if he even contemplates it. If not him, I'm unsure. Would take Fonseca, unsure on Favre, Gerrard maybe but it's a huge risk, Lampard no, Howe meh.
  5. We have. We've played that 5-3-1-1 up until he changed it v Leeds. Teams find us out and Bruce, due to being so shit, is unable to adapt. We played 5-4-1 for the bulk of 2019-20 and we were defensively solid relatively speaking pre-COVID, COVID hit and teams proceeded to find us out after the restart, hence our 2 wins in 9. Then in 2020-21 he went back to a back 5 in late December, sticking with that until Jones came in. We then played that 'split striker' bullshit that Jones brought in before we then reverted to the 5-3-1-1 which you refer to. We change formation, it brings us rel
  6. HaydnNUFC

    Steve Bruce

    A new manager might not start the 2 centre halves we were starting 5 years ago in a lower league and instead start our best 2. He might play an actual LB at LB and not play Joelinton week in week out. Just a small start.
  7. Lard arse will take us down, even with backing from the owners. Replace him, probably a 3. But that number will creep up the longer we wait before launching him into the fucking sea.
  8. HaydnNUFC

    Steve Bruce

    An embarrassment to this football club, the city and all its fans. Fuck the cunt off ASAP.
  9. "Limited resources". Fuck off man. He's spent the most money out of any Newcastle United manager in our history.
  10. We've wasted this game by keeping that fat crime against football in charge. He fucking just has to leave.
  11. HaydnNUFC

    Steve Bruce

    Got the worst defensive record in the league now, 19 conceded. Norwich are on 16.
  12. He's playing the CB partnership we were playing 5 years ago in the Championship whilst benching Schär and Fernández for one.
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