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  1. Went 8. Teetering on a 7. I posted in the Bruce thread that I can never bring myself to want us to lose. This coming season is the most apathetic I've felt or anyone I know's felt going into it. Mixture of takeover nonsense, Bruce, Bruceball, shite players and more Ashley. I'm an 7-8 though as since March 2020 when COVID hit, football as a whole has been pretty much dead to me. No fans, no soul, no nowt. They're coming back so that brings another dimension to COVID-era football, if it was another behind closed doors season I'd probably be closer to a 9-10. But I know I'll watch the
  2. Good to see some general normality and fans back in staidums, I guess.
  3. Got back into this recently as well. Started again with Newcastle, finished 3rd, won the League Cup and got to FA Cup semi-final in my first season. Now having an absolutely mental title race with Liverpool. Just like the Liverpool - Man City one in 18/19, we just keep on winning. Hope that the few draws I had back in September and October don't end up biting me on the arse. Still got to go to Anfield in April too.
  4. Most unenthusiastic for a season starting as I've ever been. Personally can't bring myself to want us to lose though. Yet another season sitting on my arse, at home or uni, watching matches when I’m around in passing. Getting a modicum of excitement if we score or look good and not really caring when it’s bad. Just apathy.
  5. Been watching How To Get Away With Murder with wor lass past few weeks. Up to midway through season 4 now. Viola Davis is just amazing, but I can't help but feel a huge chunk of the show died when Wes died.
  6. Don't think Lemina is that bad, he was decent for Southampton in the first few months of 17/18 but then just tailed off. Him and Willock coming in would improve our options, getting rid of Hayden though and keeping Shelvey and Hendrick is absolutely brainless. Would take Gallagher too, also surprised no one's gone in for Matheus Pereira yet.
  7. HaydnNUFC


    Personally don't care about vaccine passports. Implement them for nightclubs, gigs, football matches, I'm personally fine with that. Shuts out the moronic/cunt anti-vaxxers so happy days. Or don't. Meh.
  8. This season is the last of his contract. If it gets extended
  9. Don't think it's dead tbh, the PL are just kicking the can down the road for as long as possible, put their fingers in their ears and pretend this isn't happening or waiting for the buyers to pull put again. Still an absolute fucking joke. There no way for Staveley and the Reubens to just buy the club on their own?
  10. Shite decision, just like it was when he was loaned out. Can't wait to see the absolute wall that is Krafth filling in at CB after the next injury crisis.
  11. We lost? Christ. Pre season does mean fuck all, for example we lost 5-1 to Middlesbrough in last year's pre season. But bloody hell, losing to a 6th tier side, Brucetastic.
  12. That Fulham game in 2018/19 was shit, Everton wasn't though. Or Huddersfield, Burnley, Southampton. Liverpool in spite of us losing the game. Man City. The Man City game in 2017/18 he's referring to was when they were on a run of 19 wins in 20, we'd won 1 in of the last 10 and were a newly promoted side yet we almost got a result because of how we played. Hope that bus gans off the road.
  13. Got back into Total War after barely playing it for like 3 years. Playing an Elder Scrolls mod for Medieval II and I'm absolutely hooked.
  14. Lazaro was the best of the January 2020 loanees, and got played the least out of the 3. Bringing him back is surely not a Bruce decision.
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