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  1. Can't see Maddison leaving this month, think he'll assess his options and move in the summer.
  2. Fucking hell, I was at that game. We did literally nothing for 90 minutes. IIRC Thauvin had an absolute stinker. Swear they made 10 or 11 changes as well and they still should've won by more than 1. Absolutely lifting, we were back then.
  3. Was with Murphy at Norwich.
  4. Because it hasn't wherever he's been that has that sort of system in place (by that I mean stories in the press, an air of disunity between him and the board or CEO etc). He's one who wants full control despite that clubs are moving toward a head scout/head of transfers/DoF model that works on transfers independent of the manager. I can't see clubs with those systems in place going for him. And that's most clubs at the top.
  5. Benitez was a bad appointment for Everton from the start, not even withstanding the Liverpool connection. I agree he more than likely would've ended up keeping them up but unless a club totally buys into him, trouble follows. When he goes to clubs, as soon as he has a disagreement with the CEO or DoF it reaches the press. That was good for us and we loved it because Ashley (and Liverpool because Hicks/Gilette), but that follows him wherever he goes. At the first point of a disagreement he'll try and dismantle the existing setup and bring people from within his inner circle in. And with so many clubs operating with a DoF model or similar, I can't see him managing at the top clubs again unless he decides he can work in that setup.
  6. Regardless they could've finished in Europe on the final day, and had their highest points total out of the last 5 years in Ancelotti's full season.
  7. Everton could've finished in Europe on the final day of Ancelotti's full season in charge tbf, they had the luck of being away at Man City on the final day.
  8. If Matterface and Dixon were a Sunday roast.
  9. He'll motivate them and get them set up to grind out results, like. Be turgid to watch but is probably the sort of bloke they need at this time. Bielsa's probably a better fit for a club like Everton but totally the wrong time for him imo.
  10. Did a good job at Burnley across 10 years but in his last season they only won 4 games in 30 before he was sacked.
  11. Matterface and Dixon. Hope the gantry burns down.
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